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  1. Tell me about it. It was bugs like this that made me quit the game originally. I say this as someone with experience working with code; this shouldn't be a particularly difficult bug to fix. The fact that it only happens with the Nature Facet means that the Nature Facet is getting special treatment. Get rid of whatever code gives it special treatment, and the problem goes away. When I came back to GW2, it was with the understanding that the dev team would probably never care about the things I cared about. I'm not really their target audience. That's sometimes a good thing, though. One longstanding bug is that when you change elite specs, certain teleportation/recall abilities will automatically trigger. For example, the thief [Shadow Return] can be used while mounted on a Warclaw, by changing your build template to a different elite spec. (I have keybindings for changing build templates, so it's really easy to do this.) The [Prototype Position Rewinder] can be used as much as you want by changing the elite spec, so long as you stay out of combat. (The recall doesn't go on 30-sec cooldown when you use it this way). That makes a huge difference with jumping puzzles, or anywhere where you have to hold a bundle. It's only because they don't care about the things I care about, that these exploits remain available.
  2. Same, I've gotten it in WvW and PvE. I've had it happen where everything turned black except the player and enemy names (The names would still be hidden if an object was in front of them, though) I also had quite a few problems with maps (the ones you press 'm' to open) not appearing properly or not appearing at all. I'm pretty sure this has something to do with assets being un-loaded while they are still being used, since the problem usually happens where something flickers from working to not working. You don't walk into the void, the void finds you.
  3. Most of the changes seem to make sense, but this one kind of bothers me. It severely limits the synergy with other warrior traits. Namely: Phalanx strength. Currently, when used with magebane tether, it grants 120 seconds of might to each nearby ally. (3 stacks, 5 seconds, 8 pulses). After the change, it grants 64 seconds baseline to each ally, and 104 seconds when traited with phalanx strength. That's definitely a nerf, especially when you consider that the self-might has been reduced by 2/3. Mending Might. In a group setting, when combined with phalanx strength, it currently does 9,936 self-healing. Now, it can only do 6,072 healing max. That's a 1/3 nerf to self-healing. Might Makes Right. Right now, it does 3192 healing and restores 1 dodge worth of endurance. If you modify the trait, then that's an instant 2/3 nerf. That really cripples self-sustain, especially solo. It appears that this particular change is designed to increase spellbreaker's ability to provide group support while still in a dps role. Unfortunately, it looks like these changes are to the detriment of pure support spellbreaker builds, and also to the detriment of solo spellbreaker builds. Perhaps most worryingly, the magebane tether represents perhaps the single most powerful* method for triggering Might Makes Right. The removal of that synergy makes me concerned for the future of warrior self-might, and the solo survivability benefits that come with it. * Also Superior Rune of Rata Sum, Aristocracy + Body Blow, Shield Master + Shield Stance, Forceful Greatsword, Superior Sigil of Strength Afterthough: Thanks for putting out the update notes in advance. Much appreciated.
  4. Casual software dev here: I want to run a quick thought experiment, so you can see why even small numerical changes can be scary. Imagine you are playing PvP. Your enemy is attacking you for 10 damage per second. You are absorbing 9 health per second by using barrier. You have 100 health. That means it takes 100 seconds to kill you. Dev decides to change some numbers around. He buffs barrier skills by 5%. Now you heal 9.45 health per second. The enemy still does 10 damage per second. Now it takes ~182 seconds to kill you. The dev buffed the barrier skill by 5%, but it took 82% longer to kill you. That's a lot longer. (I want to take a moment to acknowledge that my numbers were rather contrived. There are plenty of other examples of this principle, though, and a lot of them occur organically. Case in point, buffing one player's overall dps by 1% can change the outcome of a duel, if the players are otherwise evenly matched.) The takeaway is this: Sometimes small numerical changes can have significant and unexpected consequences. Side note: This all assumes your project is written well. Programmers have bad days too. Sometimes programmers take shortcuts or make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes only become apparent when someone else changes something later on. Maybe the barrier stat effects something else too, and now some other skill is overpowered. Maybe there's a trait that gives a 3% barrier buff when you are doing a handstand, but the value is hard-coded and you forgot to increase it to match to new +5% baseline, so now it's a 2% nerf instead. On big projects, anything and everything can go wrong. Not even the numbers are safe.
  5. Please add 'consume all' to the menu for the Potion of WvW Rewards item. If I want to use a stack of them at once, then I don't want to have to spam click them. Thanks 😄
  6. TLDR: Make the Siren's Landing backpieces animate on entering and leaving combat, instead of only animating once right after you equip them. In Siren's Landing, it's possible to buy several ascended backpieces, each themed after a specific human god or goddess. (see Relic collector for the full list.) These backpieces look amazing, and have really cool animations when they first appear. The problem is this: the animations only happen when first equipping the items, or when mounting/dismounting. It's easy to miss the animations, which is a shame, given how nice they are. I suggest making the animations occur when entering/leaving combat stance instead. In combat, they would expand into the larger, more complex form. When you leave combat, it would collapse back into the smaller, simpler form. A couple questions and answers: Q: What about people who don't want it to change? A: There could be two separate skins, one with the old behavior, and one with the new behavior. Unlocking one skin unlocks both, and you could differentiate by calling one the 'sleeping' version, or something to that effect. That way, people could have it whichever way they want. Or, just change it for everyone. That might step on more toes, though. Q: Wouldn't the 'two skins' solution confuse players? A: Hopefully not, but it might. Q: What items are you talking about here? A: Relic of Balthazar, Relic of Dwayna, Relic of Grenth, Relic of Lyssa, Relic of Melandru, and Relic of Abaddon Q: Wouldn't this take a lot of effort to make? A: Hopefully, no. There are already weapons which transform when drawn (see Whisper's secret weapons), and armor which transforms when entering and leaving combat (see Perfected envoy armor). Additionally, all the animations and models have already been made, it's just a matter of using them in a new way (and reversing the animation when the backpiece collapses again, and dealing with what happens if a player enters and leaves combat stance really fast.) Q: Why? A: Because I think it would look good.
  7. As the title suggests. Open the WvW panel, select 'reward tracks', and then click 'time remaining'. It seems like it should be sorting by how far you are through the reward track, but it doesn't. Is this a glitch, or am I missing something?
  8. I'd love for all resurrect skills to be able to affect defeated NPCs. "Search and Rescue!", Function Gyro, and Illusion of Life would all become more useful in the open world if they could revive NPCs. This would also make it easier to get used to the skill effects. (You would have to watch out with Search and Rescue, though, because you can teleport an NPC, call off your pet, and repeat to move defeated NPCs across the map.)
  9. I understand that the tool-belt skills are a major aspect of why turrets are useful. My first sentence still applies, though. The core behavior of a turret (drop it and then ignore it) is inherently difficult to design well. The obvious approach is to make them more involved, but it's hard to think of a way to do that without making them feel cumbersome. This post is only meant to discuss ways to make the 'static damage source' idea more interesting.
  10. As I see it, one of the main problems with turrets are that they are set-it-and-forget-it skills. You cast them, then ignore them until either destroying them for the blast finisher, or recasting them because they expired or were destroyed. Since it doesn't take much skill to use them, it's natural that they don't offer too much damage, either. A rifle turret has 1,000 range, and it would be unbalanced if it could deal lots of damage from such range continuously. To ensure that it is balanced, it must deal reduced damage, resulting in a skill that can't justify its use in endgame content. To fix it would require making it more strategically complex but also more powerful, while making sure it doesn't become cumbersome. I propose the following changes: - Placing the turret remains similar to how it is now. - Decrease the range of turrets substantially, and increase their damage to make them strong damage sources. - While a turret is deployed, replace the turret skill with a command skill — similar to necromancer minions — that is ground-targeted. This skill will partially heal the turret and move the turret to the new location you select. I would suggest teleportation with a delay, giving enemy players time to react. Alternatively, you could seek inspiration from 'Ventari's Will' or 'Ride the Lightning' when deciding how the turrets should move. - If a turret fails to shoot at or hit any targets for a certain period of time, maybe 5-10 seconds, then the turret will automatically despawn. Lore-wise, this would be justified by incorporating Asuran technology, which uses this sort of remote control and teleportation-based movement. Some advantages I see are as follows: - Turrets play a more active role in combat. They act similarly to the renegade warband, providing area control and concentrated damage. - Turrets require skill to use. A poorly-placed turret despawns due to inactivity, so placement is important. Well-controlled turrets apply pressure and deal heavy damage. - Turrets require skill to counter. An opposing player can despawn turrets by simply staying out of their small range, but will be punished if they fail to do so. - Turrets justify their damage output. Since their range is so small, it is not unreasonable for them to have a larger damage output. This makes them more applicable in dps-sensitive contexts, like raids, fractals, and pvp. Turrets are currently underutilized in several high-skill areas. They are easy to deploy, and have a large range. Thus, they are only balanced because they have a small damage output. By decreasing their range, increasing their damage, and putting their movement in the hands of the player, they can be transformed into an interesting, engaging, and powerful skill type.
  11. One potential solution is make it so heat acts normally even when mounted. If it would have depleted in combat, make it deplete while mounted. If a trait causes heat not to deplete, then don't let heat deplete while mounted. I know that traits aren't usually tracked when mounted, so this could be managed through a status bar effect applied upon mounting. I understand wanting for heat to be kept when mounting, but it creates awkward scenarios where you have to dismount between fights to let the forge cool off.
  12. It would be nice if revenant legend switching only had a 1-second cooldown when not in combat. That's how weapon-switching works, and I think it makes sense for legend-switching to work the same. ☺
  13. The rule you described is correct, but does not apply here. The rule pertains to effects on interrupt, not effects on disable. There's a difference between interrupts and disables. Disables happen whenever something is hit by a control effect. Interrupts only happen when that control effect hits them during a skill cast. This causes the skill to fail mid-cast, 'interrupting' it. On defiant foes, the cast finishes regardless, which is because of the defiance (unless the CC actually breaks the bar completely). But, the interrupt is counted regardless, because you CC'd them mid-cast, and so you should be rewarded for that precision. If an enemy with a break bar is doing a long channel, you could spam them with CCs to get a bunch of interrupts, which is a bit unfair. Imagine 6 impacting disruptions in the space of 3 seconds. That's why traits that trigger on interrupts have a cooldown for defiant enemies, to stop you from spamming interrupts to trigger a trait. For regular enemies this doesn't matter, because interrupts stop the skill cast, so spamming interrupts isn't possible. For traits that have this limitation, you can see the text "This trait can only affect enemies with defiance bars once per interval." ( https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Impacting_Disruption is an example of this). Going back to the Merciless Hammer trait, we can see it triggers on disable, not interrupt. Since it's not interrupts, it doesn't have a cooldown. (You get adrenaline multiple times if you CC defiant foes back-to-back. I tested it on the DPS golem to confirm. That said, with the above explanation in mind, it's clear that this is the desired behavior, it's just the tooltip that is wrong.)
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