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  1. Guess you didn't see the break down on Willbender? Its replacing thief so they're just pulling our profession completely.
  2. GuildWars 2, as well as all other NCsoft games, have been offline on GeForce NOW (NVIDIA game streaming service) since Monday, Dec 7, with only the description "to resolve some identified issues." The games were working fine until they took them offline; anyone know anything from this side of the fence?
  3. There is definitely something wrong with the client or servers because can't even get through an event in Dragonfall before client looses connection to server. While I might be willing to accept my ISP is not the greatest, it was happening to everyone in Dragonfall and I'm running on the Geforce NOW cloud; the GW2 client in the GeForce cloud would loose connection, but I would not loose connection tot he GeForce NOW session. Please fix ASAP; the game is unplayable at the moment.
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