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  1. I give you an example :)). So I work in a storage, placing crates from place A to place B. Its just my job to do that, and I see crates missing! :)) see my point? In the end if I dont do nothing, report the missing crates or not, I get fired or something else! In the long run, if for example a new player that wants to start to play gw2 see this mess he won't buy kitten! I say this 100%! They fix fishing and boat racing wtf! Its crazy! Like the boss asking if the missing crates were pink or black!
  2. Please don't worry, we will get fishing and everything will be ok! Pressing 1 and space, 2 buttons for the win!
  3. Imagine telling this to my boss who pays me to do my job! :)))))
  4. Boycerino, well known pvp gw2 streamer confirmed that many that win trade didnt got banned and he still see them in pvp! And some well known guys still got the titles, even tho' they should be banned and they win traded and they even said THEY DID THAT! So was all a lie? Can we get an explanation?
  5. I would say as most of Eu tier 1 to remove the last one that is new! Complete garbo! 😄
  6. If they tweak reveal do you agree to half the thief mobility?
  7. Maybe there is still hope...
  8. And Anet statement on Bots as they might be used by players like maladiktus to farm millions and millions of gems! Increasing the gem value vs gold and making other good players quit the game!
  9. perma ban maladiktus? lets make ANET DEVS a show of force that you care about your own dignity and rules. And ban all IP that logged maladiktus account ofc!
  10. If ANET has these bots to keep lower queue can they delete them? I got 5 matches with 3 bots. I better have 5 minutes queue than play with them! Thank you! If not Anet bots can you please move your kitten and do your job and ban them?
  11. :)))) hope hammer ele will be a thing :krappa
  12. https://clips.twitch.tv/BetterRamshackleHornetMoreCowbell-Zubyr_sJh4_78Aat Sure the people are coming back are people? :))))
  13. https://clips.twitch.tv/BetterRamshackleHornetMoreCowbell-Zubyr_sJh4_78Aat
  14. This might be news to you, but other MMOs try to make raiding the crux of end-game content, it's generally not hard to gear up for the lowest tiers of raiding in them (and straightforward) so other MMO players expect to be able to just jump right in. Some paths for selectable stat exotics and/or ascended gear actually aren't that bad but require knowledge that new players just don't tend to have. GW2 doesn't babysit you and in most cases it's a beautful thing, because you get to make money off of your OWN knowledge in some cases, perusing the wiki and experiencing the game. But for raids, it's
  15. 2 armor 2 weap 6 trinkets ascended, can run t4s! Not all require 150 ar( only LAST fractal)That's not with no ascended. That's already having most of it (10 out of 14-16 pieces, depending on whether you use 1h or 2h weapons). More, in fact, than it would seem from just counting pieces, because it so happens that armor pieces are the least important (having ascended trinkets + weapons covers close to 90% of the impact of the full ascended set)trust me. some of raid groups make you ping all gear and i get insta kicked for not having the 4 armor pieces!
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