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  1. Going in a Solo Open World battle, immediately blew all the utilities, and still lost 40% of HP fighting trash mob. That's the reason you got so many "confused" emotes. People have posted Weaver solo HoT champs. How about you take that Catalyst build and see if you can solo HoT champs? If you can post a good video on soloing HoT champs, then it will support your point much better.
  2. All I want is an Elite Signet that gives 300 Vitality. It doesn't even need any activation.
  3. The above are examples. Let's not debate strictly on that. The point is there are many skills in Ele toolbox that should be instant cast, especially skills with delayed effects/damage. It will solve many clunky issues Ele has.
  4. Elementalist is the master of spell caster. It shouldn't take forever to cast/channel a spell. That leads to clunky gameplay. To improve the flow, we should make many delayed damage skills instant cast. The damage part can come at a later time, but the cast should be instant. - Imagine Hammer #3 instant cast. The damage part is delayed (waiting for sphere to hit) - Imagine Dragon's Tooth instant cast. The damage part is already delayed and avoidable. - Imagine F5 instant cast. That would make combos flow much smoother on Catalyst. - Imagine Warhorn Air #5 (Lightning Orb) instan
  5. I know we like to balance damage based on Golem full buff, but we shouldn't be afraid of buffing Ele damage. Even when Ele does 45k DPS, the majority of Fractals and average players will still play Scourge/Renegade/Guardian. Remember the Marionette? People just did 50 Scourge Squad. The average players don't care about top DPS, they will pick a safer/less piano class and sacrifice 10% DPS. Only the top raider care about speed clear. Please do not balance Ele damage based on speed clear and Golems full buff. Unless you make all classes the same HP size.
  6. DDCat is just core Ele with an F5. Instead of running Fire/Water/Arcane. Now you swap Arcane or Water for Catalyst. It's a bit more squishy, but the combo and everything is the same. It's viable, but 100% no where near any meta. It can't hold side nodes against any class. It dies kinda fast in team fight. It does OK when +1, but it doesn't have the mobility of Thief or Willbender. Basically, better than Hammer but still junk grade in PvP. Staff in PvP? Only when you want to make win-trading less obvious. "I'm not win-trading! I try as hard as I could!"
  7. I like the concept, but I'd rather have cooldown than energy cost. Ele has always been about managing cooldown effectively. Make it: - F5 summon Jade Spheres. I'm okay with it being ~300 range for all weapons. More range for staff seems OP. - Press F5 again to unleash the orbs and cause HUGE damage and a Field at the target location based on the current Attunement. Each orbs becomes a Projectile, granting Projectile Combo through Field. - Orb last 10s base. Refresh on attunement change. Again, no energy, just cooldown. - Orb hitting friends granting boons based
  8. I see two camps: one says "omg Catalyst is way to OP". One says "omg, I don't like it". Maybe there is also a third "omg, it's OP but I still don't like it".
  9. From the video, I think I saw quickness on Air.
  10. You seem to have strong opinions. At the same time, skimming through the thread from page 1, it looks like your posts have the most amount of "confused" emotes. Which means the majority here actually agree they want a long range Hammer (like Rev). No, a mixed between some mid range and melee is not long range. If I want mid range, dagger got it covered.
  11. So what's the range you're comfortable with? 200? If it's less than 200, people at 1700+ won't get a match.
  12. I don't know why people are mad with the new Melee hammer. Our previous Elite specs are all range focus. I frequently see Weaver, Tempest, even Core Ele spamming the OP skill #1 range attack in downstate for DPS. Who said we don't have range Elite specs?
  13. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Superior_Rune_of_Tormenting Without *any* healing power, this rune heals for 171 per *stack* of Torment inflicted, with no internal cooldown. On builds without any healing power, this rune heals for more than the primary healing skill over a 30s period. It's way too OP and needs a nerf. We should put a 2s internal cooldown on it at least.
  14. It's good work, but we know Dev don't read the Ele forums, so you're shouting to the void here 🙂
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