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  1. me too, crash recently at Malchor's Leap and Cursed Shore map. error include like Grbound.cpp some like that. edit: recently(this edit time), i just join to game, then 1..2..3. crashed....WTF ?! i think need find Anet staff to handle this error, or i guess cant play today 😞
  2. some api data no inaccurate reflect in-game data like Oasis Protector , in-game is no value for this item , but in API still have vendor_value for this item. fyi - API: (https://api.guildwars2.com/v2/items?ids=76705&lang=en)
  3. +1. cant get new achievement counting for it , if you already get old achievment for dry top category.
  4. that one is count for effect, so i guess not have API for that.
  5. because want update to wiki for all data, because currenly is seem missing some of them.
  6. [&BkphAAA=] this one already cant found....
  7. yes, this is may only valid in the 'Cornered' instance. how about other? How about some achievement icon is missing in wiki ? how do i check those missing after i already done at long time ago?
  8. no ----- but i mean why i can not use in normal world when this chat link is valid. also error message not clearly say why can't use this valid chat link and / or where can use.
  9. I see some on wiki thing have Game Link field. but always after try it only have "Cannot link from this location." but NOT say why can not use or where can i use for it. e.g. [&BrxhAAA=] , check in wiki is exist and valid. why cannot use in normal world ???
  10. some api data is it not have update ? because like story journal - Icebrood Saga: Champions newest info in api for chapters (field) is empty. if already have update for this part, how can i fetch for Icebrood Saga: Champions chapter info ?
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