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  1. So there's an animation where there's an Idle animation here you charecter puts their hands back, and kind of chills on their turtle friend. Now the only request I have is that we're able to trigger this manually and keep it like that, it's just a simple thing, but I'd love to see it 🙂
  2. Ah okay, thank you, I'm not extremely used to condi in openworld which is why I asked 🙂 thanks for your response
  3. So I've been having extreme class burnout recently from pretty much everything and I haven't settled much on any of the new Especs apart from Mechanist and Habringer. I love the plaguedoctory theme with the Elixirs and the shroud looks super cool to play with, but from what I've heard blight is punishing to the point of just not wanting to play the spec anymore. I'm going to make the assumption that Condi is probably going to be the best, thinking of just wondering Vipers + Torment runes for armour then Pistol/Dagger with Bursting/Torment runes or something. I'm
  4. It would be cool if it was a choice to go into the mech or not to wear it as a suit as we see with Scruffy/Taimi. But at the end of the day it feels nice to have a companion when playing Solo. I do still feel like we should be able to gain access to toolkit skills 1-4 when the Mech is dead/unsummoned.
  5. Just stuff I've noticed: Crash Down is completely broken, the animation/damage doesn't play 90% of the time (On ultimate as well) Jade Mortar Animation get's stuck on firing after fired Core reactor animation get's stuck on firing after fired Shift Signet doesn't always trigger Mech Teleportation. Jade Buster Cannon animation get's stuck Jade Buster cannon sometimes just doesn't fire but still goes on cooldown Nickname resets every time it's desummoned
  6. I'm literally changing my main to mechanist just to play this spec. It's so fun.
  7. I summed this feeling up perfectly in a meme I made in like 5 minutes.
  8. Honestly, had really high hopes for this spec, but so far it's so incredibly boring to play untamed. Feels like core warrior lol. Mechanists got what we've been asking for, competent pets, and yes the qol of being able to use pet abilities when we want is nice, but at the end of the day mechanist reigns supreme in these elite specialisations. Played it for a bit here's me complaining about it: - First of all...no pets? Not even the phoenix to try out? Kind of upsetting. - Hammer feels so incredibly clunky and just slow to use that it's really not fun.
  9. - Every time I unsummon or map change, the golems name resets. - The name should be able to use Hyphens and numbers, because it's a robot after all.
  10. Cmon, give this couple some time in the spotlight, after all they're kinda the centre piece for it but we haven't had them in a proper trailer yet. This power couple is too cool to be pushed to the side when they're literally on the main art for End of Dragons
  11. Untamed just doesn't make sense to me. Like it's cool, but I feel like it doesn't actually capture what the spec is about. We literally tamed the pet, nothing about the new spec screams untamed. Primal or Warden I think would fit better.
  12. I have the feeling that the Engineer Golem will be much better. From what I can infer, the abilities look much better and they're also capable of Supporting while also dealing damage. We barely have tanks which can properly aggro or pets which can heal apart from Fern Hound. However, with the idea of the Untamed actually buffing our pets, I feel like we're going to be able to actually get some better chance of having pets out more while making them more useful. Might even be able to use base game pets reliably for once.
  13. I agree with what you said. After playing gw1 for more than 100 hours on Ranger, I can't personally make a massive argument for it, but what I can say, not using a beastmaster build was incredibly boring. It literally has 0 flavour at all. Imagine just point, click, spam bow abilities and that's it. I think a lot of people, myself included want this spec to be the "Apply vulnerability, CC your enemy to the floor and have your pet maul them to death" Because that's at least more enjoyable then just a warrior without adrenaline lol.
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