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  1. At long last after nearly three days I got my account back.. That was scary. seven years of guild wars nearly down the drain. Not sure what that was all about but I hope it never happens again
  2. Can they stop remaking fractals with split delays that drag the fight out That seems to be the go to thing since swamp remake. Now the Jelly fish beast and Champion Mole are doing it and it's annoying
  3. Stopped reading right there.. why should anyone go out of their way to make a build entirely dedicated to one fractal that offers the same exact rewards as before the rework. No.. just no, I am not adjusting anything for the same pitiful rewards I did before and now I have to put in ten times the work, this fractal is easily skipped. I do fear for other fractals being reworked with artificial time (damage time gate mechanics) and drag on the fractals even longer with out any sense of accomplishment but just feeling of frustration. It's the same with Molten furnace.. do you think we enjoy havi
  4. I love how the question is.. why is Support FB out performing other support/heal classes... Geez... I mean we only really went and destroyed Chrono and hampered Druids to the point that no one takes them to Fractals
  5. Is there any way I can get my 1k gems back? I did not appreciate this change, as the whole reason I got it was to farm my friends home instance efficiently.
  6. 99 cm was perfectly handled as far as not going to bonkers with annoyances and still punishing enough to not miss dodges or stand where you shouldn't be.
  7. Good job reading my post addressing the real issue of this mess
  8. back in the day.. I remember being stuck in Ruby FOR EVAH, FOR EVAH, FOR EVAH.. then stuck in Diamond
  9. Except that you have to do it multiple times... racing against the clock before your life ticks away.. and trust me if you get in there while carrying any previous conditions.. you're not getting out.
  10. This Fractal needs to be fixed... This was our.. Oh nice a lucky break once in a while fractal to save time running T4s and CMs... Now it's not even worth doing until they fix some of the unfairness while keeping in mind we are under water using skills and stuff we're not used to. I don't particularly appreciate the torment attacks and condies during the kill the krait phases that drag the battle on even more. Also.. what's the deal with this thing killing you instantly from the battle if you can't get those mini games right multiple times.. I have gotten all right at least four times but
  11. I was hoping for a reasonable price that was slightly close to a full set of legendary armor.. But nope, give everything you have and more..
  12. Too much worth put on something with such a minimum convenience... does it even have any aesthetics? Yeah no, 15 mystic coins would have a better place 15x6... but 30!? 30!!!!!! No please
  13. I seriously have been losing so much it's not even funny, the match maker always picks the most clueless people that get destroyed at mid and proceed to get 500-80 or less That's pretty much it.. and some times it kindly puts you on the team that has the lions
  14. Well you take a good guess why the Mystic coins are the way they are now? Anet got rid of the monthlies which gave a bonus on top of the dailies.. In case you had forgotten. It was changed to give them more value.. and it definitely is being felt now.
  15. And coming back up... and going back down.. and coming back up.. and going back down..
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