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  1. I was wondering why it is one of the events that I like the most in gw2 with the only 2 worlds available, look, I put a list of all of them 1.-SAB 2.-Halloween 3.-Wintersday 4.-Dragon Bash 5.-Festival of the Four Winds 6.-Lunar New Year
  2. Hello, I would like to know if in the new expansion of EOD SAB it will have worlds 3 and 4?
  3. fix the game omg https://i.imgur.com/OAf8Iyn.jpeg
  4. hello I can't finish the story because I can't complete the bar of the ring of fire so that the dragon comes out so I can kill someone it also happens to him is from the last chapter of living world 2 pls fix it
  5. They can implement something for the jewelry profession in the new expansion since they do not have many things that allow them to compete with other more profitable professions in the game
  6. They sell me the carry for 300 gold dhuum cm and 150 for the achievement of the 5 min of the grent statues, is that fair?
  7. Hello, the game disconnects me all the time, I already cleared cache, remove add-ons, clean my pc with the ccleaner, check the internet speed, does the same thing happen to someone?.https://gyazo.com/c2998ced989954441c15c8093f09d78a
  8. thanks for exposing it now you got ignore for all raiders hahaha
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