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  1. I would like to know if anyone at the office play actively pvp and if it has a platinum level each season. But my guess is no...
  2. I wish that in one of those "internal conversations" you would discuss why PvP is a niche mode and how to improve it.
  3. My 2 request: Please bring back War-Torn Marauder Warclaw Skin. Add new mounts skins that can only be obtained by playing the game and not just by buying gems.
  4. What about a horse mount with new skills like make some attacks from the mount or make a charge agaisnt enemy, it would be interesting for WvW for example.
  5. Do you think will we have a hidden mount in this expansion like it was in PoF? I would love a horse mount due to a recent horse conspirancy.
  6. I would like to buy these items together, bring them back please: Dragon Emblem Balloon Champion of Tyria Outfit
  7. Do you have a link to support that? I would like to see where/when they exactly said that.
  8. I have seen how the PvP population decreases over the time, and it feels that developers abandoned this mode, in the same way that all content creators did at the time. The question you should answer is, why? why everyone abandoned this game mode and became a niche mode for a few players? To me, the casual core design of this game is the problem, but I think it still can be saved. Below is a list of things that would improve the game mode, and yes, it needs a lot of work. Some of them are similar to League of Legends system because, yes, their system works very well. Mak
  9. My request is not only for the ascension wings, its also for all the rest of the wings.
  10. I think it's a shame that only the wings in a gem shop have the flapping animation and not, for example, Ascension's wings, and the rest of them, which feel so stiff. ArenaNet needs to start improving all of the existing content that gets old. Support this thread to make this change real.
  11. I still can't open the game launcher I hope this error doesn't take too long to fix.
  12. None of these answers solved the problem, even with -dx9 attribute, I have less than 30 characters and havent any overlay like Discord or Taco. I hope fix this problem is in the top priority right now since a lot of us cant even start the game. Regards.
  13. Launcher doesnt open/start with the new DX11 update. How to fix it? I cant play the game.
  14. I feel almost of all players dont like the fact of 3rd generation legendaries are all Aurene skins wich look completely lazy and uninspired. Do they really dont have any ideas for new legendaries? They are on time to redesign the new set of legendaries to make them a unique skin per weapon.
  15. I did not photoshop. Its not maybe the best picture for the thread, but hiding UI and the fact it's just a screenshot can be perceived as if was more clear than it is. I have better examples here: https://pasteboard.co/KaZsqyc.jpg https://pasteboard.co/KaZtpa4.jpg https://pasteboard.co/KaZsGTh.jpg
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