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  1. 1. WvW fighting squad 2. PvE with your longterm friends and buddies 3. raid / raid training 4. random streamer community 5. fast-farming 6. server community 7. personal guild bank 8. overflow 9. other person's guild you craft legendaries with 10. guild hall with access to shimmering / tenebrous shards because yay EoD You don't have to be in all of these. But you can see, it is quite easy to fill up your 5...
  2. I don't see any difference tbh. Sometimes you're matched against strong WvW servers, sometimes your opponents are weaker. Same in this beta, some friends are in balanced matchups, some can't leave spawn and some roflstomp all over the map all day long. But me personally, I am worried about the new system. Anet hasn't been able to properly balance their servers for years now, and I am just baffled that people are looking forward to the players solving that for them. Probably sounds really fun for those thinking they'll be part of the strongest group.
  3. a) Incorrect, Firebrand is objectively worse as support in terms of healing and cleansing compared to Tempest or Scrapper. Very situational CC, very low damage to that. b) FB has one thing they're really good at in WvW - Stability. And I would love it if it was kept there, especially if, like you suggested, dps got the option as well. Firebrands are based on Aegis and Stability, and have had years of experience and training in saving people from brain-afk damage or one-shot mechanics. Give these boons to other classes, as well as the time to adjust to using them, I agree.
  4. The role of a firebrand in WvW is boon support, with the most important of those boons being stability. Our healing is sub par compared to tempests and scrappers, and we have way less cleanses as well. Non-existent damage, no boonrips/-strips. Stability and Aegis are the reason the class is played. So while I do like the idea of giving more of those boons to e.g. tempests, the blow to Mantra of Liberation is a direct nerf to WvW Firebrand. And I would like to remind you of the rollback on the healing mantra a while ago, we need blocks and stabi. So at this point I would like to
  5. "Hardlight weapons are a set of weapons obtained from Super Adventure Box. All weapon skins have faint particle effects when wielded and a trail, and faint sound effects during attacks" They just add a tiny little something to the regular sound. And judging by the wiki page for weapons with unique sounds , scepter users are screwed (Aurene skins maybe?).
  6. It takes about half a second for icons and text to re-sharpen. Very stressful on the eyes, makes it really unpleasant to use the TP at all.
  7. If they created a held novelty item that's just a wooden sign saying "I can't handle money" someone would still buy it. And show it. And be proud of it. If you think it's cute, buy and enjoy it. Me personally, I won't.
  8. Extremely hard content for the top few % who are engaged by stuff like that is imo generally a good thing to have in a game. I personally don't care about those achievements, don't have time to read the titles in game anyways... But there are those who enjoy it and want to put in the work, so yay, good for them. But looking at the SC world first and their group composition (having in mind the fact that they just hit Catalyst for class stacking in high lvl 10 mans), I'm worried about the meaning of "bring the player, not the class". Because people already simply stop bringing "the oth
  9. Reading through the patch notes and the reactions to them, as probably a lot of us did, I've noticed several people saying that the June 28th patch was yet another buff to the already and always overpowered Firebrand elite spec. The changes were: Guardian Valor Strength in Numbers: This trait has been reworked. It now grants protection to allies while in combat, applying protection with a 3-second duration on a 10-second interval. Radiance Amplified Wrath: Burning damage increase reduced from 15% to 10% in PvE only. Perfect Inscriptions: No longer grants signe
  10. I can only talk about Specter as I don't really enjoy DE and DD a lot, and mostly for WvW raid groups to that. Adding support aspects to stealth entry / exit in Shadow Arts did little to nothing for support Specter, since we simply do not use stealth utilities - losing stealth on heal / steal skills dropped the previously great synergies from pre-patch SA even more. The new personal heal on Shadowstep is pointless with ~400hp on celestial at around 20k max. So to benefit from the new SA traits personally and as group support, we're pretty much forced to drop yet another c
  11. Just my two cents / sentences for the dev team 1) Noone should send death threats over this, I'm sorry. 2) You have no clue how your classes work(ed).
  12. "Bring the player, not the class." translated: yes.
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