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  1. Hey all, I'm a Rev man, I generally just do open world content but am looking to get into more, I have another max character, a Warrior. I enjoy both, but am looking to roll a new character to mess around with in EoD. I've dappled very little in nearly all classes, but right now I'm mostly looking towards Ranger or Engi. So, if you're trying to sell someone on either one of those classes, what would you say? Any input would be appreciated.
  2. Just wanting to roll a new character, looking between Revenant or Ranger. I think not knowing the new upcoming Elite Specs is making it harder, but my general question is, I think I would like both classes, it just seems that Ranger, having Druid, gets an edge if I can and enjoy playing a support/healer Druid as oppose to Alac with the Rev. Just looking for some feedback from people who have played either or both classes for any significant time. I would appreciate it
  3. Hello all, I'm returning after several years, I always played a Warrior back then and am looking to check out some magically inclined Classes. I don't know if this is the right forum for it but was looking at Necro, Mesmer or Guardian. I feel the Guardian will be closest to my beloved Warrior, but I've read they're very squishy when compared to Warrior & Revenant. Mesmer has always looked to be one of the most interesting class to play and Necro is just Edgy fun and I've read are actually sturdy beasts. The only way I'll keep playing Warrior is if they announced today the new Specializatio
  4. I haven't played GW2 since the release of HoT's and am looking to get back into the game with a fresh start. Previously played a Warrior, looking to level a new character and am currently looking at Revenant and Ranger. Both seem like good solo'ing characters, which is what I usually end up doing, just looking for any input the more veteran players could give me that I may not know about the classes.
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