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  1. Woot this is awesome. As someone who's only done the fight once (and thought it was a most excellent meta) this is a welcome change!
  2. But I like showing that I've achieved it but I can see why some of the older players would want to have less screen clutter, nice job devs!
  3. kitten still not fixed, guess won't be using pet spec for a while then, too much hassle when in heat of battle.
  4. The thought being "anniversary" in the name suggested to me that during this special occasion, one would expect something exclusive to celebrate.
  5. kitten, would have hope for something exclusive considering the price
  6. Only time will tell with the coming weeks!
  7. I've just got this error twice while doing "Buried Insight" guess I'll never finish HoF then!
  8. Sure, personally I like range in Open world content and wvw zergs for that matter, partly because all the visual spam can cause me to be unable to see the target, see other targets, tell which I have targeted and its worse the closer to the object (and effects). Before some bright helpfull person suggests I look for the red arrow over the target and the red circle under them I will just say Mhmm I wish I could see them it would be helpful. This even happens in certain fractals. Some times the best thing is to just hit target nearest/next and keep hitting your kitten if you see some numbers, we
  9. Ok managed to find others with the same issue, as a newbie who's doing mainly PvE stuff, I sometimes just stand there within a few meters to a mob with other players but not hitting it as I'm not close enough due to being bombarded with spells.
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