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  1. No. This is not right. When you get a loot drop if it is an exotic you'll get that exotic directly into your bag.If it is a lesser rarity then you'll get the unidentified gear of that rarity. On top of that if you identify the non-exotic gear there's ANOTHER chance for it to become an exotic.Hope that clarifies it. Wait, so if you're hunting for exotics from unid's, you DO need to open everything? I'm not sure how that makes Randulf "not right".
  2. to my knowledge the only thing that affects salvage quality is purely the kit type otherwise mf is still semi-useful (as much as mf is anyway) as an account/farm thing, since it sounds like the quality of an unid will be determined at drop rather than at open - so you have to be running the mf while it drops.
  3. This is only an issue if the salvage you get from un'id gear isn't the same as id'd gear. For example, under the old system if you salvaged un'id gear you got tons of Eyes of Kormir. Sounds like that has changed though, so if I salvage a piece of un'id gear I should get the same materials (mithril/silk/etc) as I would if I had identified it first. So long as I can just right click on my Copper Salvage kit and salvage everything in 1 click, I'm happy :D the problem being you want to open them for rares/exotics, and then salvage the green's/bluessalvaging straight from unid leaves you losing
  4. we lost grant gurtz (https://forum-en.gw2archive.eu/members/Grant-Gertz-7524/showposts) so... yeah. that's the only wvw/pvp team member i've seen so far get laid off. probably more to be seen.
  5. server pride breeds toxicity towards guilds/players on other servers, and even the players on their own servers who aren't working towards the mandated "server cause". guild pride leads you to respect guilds around you, friendly or not, who clearly put effort into their membership and play
  6. if you're power you're a macro abusing waste of skin if you're trailblazer condi you're obviously too bad at the game to play anything else if you're glass condi then you're still running vitality/toughness and bad and the class is broken what do you expect, healthy discussion?
  7. at minimum healing power (130), it goes from 5671 to 6711wearing my motley assortment of zerk and commander gears gets me to 339 healing power, which is 5848 to 6888 so i guess it's just a flat 1040 increase
  8. since healing prism gives healing power based on power, and you are forced to take it, that'll depend on what your power is naked (1000 power -> 130 healing power) heals for 251 in pve
  9. you can still jaunt, just like how an ele can still lightning flash, but you will still be stunned. being an instant cast with movement doesn't make it a stunbreak
  10. jaunt's not a stunbreak anyway, we now have a new grandmaster trait that has a worse healing coefficient than every other trait that heals in it's line (including healing prism)how useful
  11. Basically what the title says. From what I saw on Tuesday, the usual DBS fight is similar to the normal Shatterer, where you damage until it enters a "healing phase" (where for DBS, is 3 times in the fight, with 1/2/3 riftstalkers spawned to give the regen buff). Twice this morning, DBS has spawned with a full 3 stacks of the regen buff with no riftstalker spawns. This makes DBS practically invulnerable. It's starting to confuse people who didn't do the fight on patch day, and now there are silly assumed strats of having to do the rift events around the map to drop the buff (it doesn't as far
  12. who knows, maybe it'll still be meta. good thing there's no giant domes are anything around zergs. auto 1 is single target, 1200 range, 0.5s cast, projectileauto 2 is same as auto 1, but is a 3 target 120 radius aoe when it hits the targetauto 3 is auto 2, but 5 targets 240 radius. auto 1/2 travel pretty fast as far as projectiles go, auto 3 only has a 50cc engine in it and can only do pinewood derbies orb got changed into a druid astral 3 type thing i guess, with no finisher.
  13. it feels like there's an aftercast that locks you in place that i am not really a fan of, which makes using it as a movement skill really bad
  14. the real balance change here is clone damage showing up in the combat log
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