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  1. Hello o/, I'm trying to fetch skills from /v2/skills, decoded from a build template (via https://github.com/gw2efficiency/chat-codes), but the skills are "not found". Example build-template (revenant) [&DQkDPg8mNDfcEdwRKxIGEgYSKxLUEdQRyhHKEQEDAgMGEisS1BEGEisS1BE=]Decodes some skills to:terrestrialEliteSkill: 4554terrestrialHealSkill: 4572 Do i need to translate the build-skill ids to api ids, or am I missing something else? I know rev builds are kinda special, I check with other build-templates but getting the same results.What should be the way to receive decoded build-skills from the api
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