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  1. It'd be really nice if there was just a command. Maybe a chat command, that could bring up one of those websites with helpful curated info on what was going on. Hmmm... I wonder how they might be able to do such a chat command? 😏 And to the people who say the game "needs to rely on them less" - nothing is forcing you to type that command. GW2 is actually a LOT of fun as an exploration of mystery type game. I usually play somewhere in between. Doing some things blind and that command for other things, as my whims strike me.
  2. Been here since 2012 I've never hit 500g. Most I ever hit was just around 400 when I sold several hundred mystic coins at once. I farm T3 Fractals all the time and am usually #1 or #2 in the DPS when I'm on DPS, have the least downtime (unless I get on my guardian which has an advanced degree in Floor Inspection...), constantly tweak my builds, have Ascended gear on about 5 or 6 characters - 2 of which are geared out all the way through T4 of Fractals, have completed ALL of the story, all the dungeons so many times it's absurd, do guild missions often, have multiple characters with
  3. I've always felt Steam becomes an avenue for critics to attack. I expect Steam numbers for GW2 won't be high, because most of us will have predated it. But this also means a whole army of YouTubers will make clickbait ad revenue by showing charts of GW2 Steam numbers side by side with the MMO of the week in titles like "Is Guild Wars Dead?"... All while we'll actually be in the #3 or #4 spot for MMOs outside of China. Maybe even #2 if the next WoW expansion tanks hard enough. We've seen this pattern repeatedly were people use Steam Charts to claim a game is doing better
  4. Koss. He was my favorite in GW1, and so yeah... anyone who's completed Path of Fire knows why I fell legit listing him here also, even if they're not fans of him themselves.
  5. I've yet to get my Skyscale but I like that the long path is there. This is a horizontal progression game. I've been here since launch day. Actually since beta. And I was in GW1 as of 2005. And yet there is still a lot of things I've not finished. I've never suffered for not having the Skyscale. But a horizontal progression game needs things for people to set themselves on the path for that will not come overnight. So appreciate that this long path to reach a goal is there. It gives people something to do.
  6. Being given choices is NOT the same thing as being forced. What content are you referring to? I can't think of anything 'gated' behind a jumping puzzle other than the jumping puzzle reward itself... As a new player you may not realize this - but jumping puzzles were one of the main selling points of this MMO. Go back and play GW1 and try to jump. It was a very big concern of the Guild Wars community that characters be able to jump and to sell that this was changed - Arena Net made it into a huge new feature with puzzles hidden all over the game. As many other people have al
  7. If they don't want to play condition, then they don't. They play something else. Seems easy. What exactly is the problem? Every single bit of content that can be handled by someone with the PLAYER SKILL of a new player can be run on any random gear. Even non-exotic gear. So I am completely confused about why this topic even exists.
  8. Why can you not move the 'Advertise Your Group' popup, or at least the Fractals popup, so that I can easily see which ones I want to list... https://i.imgur.com/YSnvBIC.png [img]https://i.imgur.com/YSnvBIC.png[/img] Also... What gives with not being able to attach a screenshot?
  9. My opinion is that the story for GW2 has been progressively getting better and better over time. These days when describing it to people I am trying to convince to try the game I compare it to FFXIV - the early game has a rough plot, and it gets better. A LOT better. And in EoD I think the writers are in full stride. I do feel the plot of the third zone, the forest, was 'skipped' - It seems like I went from the city to the hideout to the last zone after only one tiny plotline in the forest. That's the only weakpoint for me. The overall larger narrative thoug
  10. GW2 is an extremely skill based game. Your results in identical gear with a new player and a skilled player can be a difference of 5x or more effectiveness. This is the natural result of a 'mostly' action combat based game design. But one critical problem it creates is that content for 'casual' players will cause skilled players to leave out of boredom, and content for skilled players is not completable by casual players. I have yet to do the EoD final meta (I've been sidetracked from finishing the story). but my guess is this content tries to split the diff
  11. In OW PvE and in 'casual solo roaming and sometimes follow those guys up ahead' WvW you can wear anything. Even pre-exotic gear. You don't need exotic at all until you start doing explorable dungeons and even that is debatable. One experienced player in the group can carry everyone even on bad gear because the Dungeons only needed exotic back at launch because none of us as yet knew the secrets to GW2 gameplay. I've added 4 or 5 more characters to my fractal roster since EoD came out. I think I now have 6 that can do through tier 3, and 3 more can do through tier 2
  12. Well... The entire EoD plot lacks all of the core races other than humans. There are individuals from Tyria of a few other races - but no plots specific to them or even locals of those races. Granted Cantha never had them even back in GW1, something I always thought was strange as Humans are from another dimension while the others are all native to the planet we're on. But at the moment everyone is getting passed over in favor of a human / dragon storyline. This is kind of par for the course for a lot of fantasy games - the humans get a lot of plot and the others get pa
  13. The LFG tool works well. People are too shy about starting a group in it, self included. But when someone lists something in there it tends to fill pretty fast. There are a few exceptions for a couple of things people tend to avoid, but even this will fill in short order as if you need it, there's a high chance a lot of others do as well (Honor of the Waves story for example). With EoD launch I made 4 new characters - 2 were remakes of old characters on new races. One was to swap having 2 mesmers for instead having 2 warriors, and the last was just because.
  14. Your experiences with Untamed and Willbender match my own much briefer ones (I've only dabbled with Willbender, and just a little bit more dabbling with Untamed). Untamed is a LOT of fun to play, and if you play it well it performs not too badly. But it is super easy to be bad at and that will cause many people to undervalue it. Willbender is a blast and seems extremely potent if... again... used right. Catalyst, yes - Elementalist has always wanted people to cycle through their attunements. And this time it's weird because 2 of them are melee and two of the
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