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  1. I am surely everyone want to. I just hope these questions to be answered as soon as possible. 🙂
  2. Totally it will be answered, I kinda want to have some preparation before hand. 😅
  3. Yup, tho those questions will be asked regardless. I've spoken to someone who made 4 frostfang and use them in different characters. I want to see how legendary armory going play out overall for legendary weapons gen 1 since you could use them, sell them or buy them.
  4. dot dot dot I have enough materials to make another 2 legendary weapons. I am asking generally if I should make another Incinerator or should I wait till "more information" about the legendary armory.
  5. By knowing ahead, is actually better than waiting till during announcement or release. I have 2 frostfang i want to know is that valuable to have it for legendary armory or it's not as an example. Should I make 2 quip or just 1, should I make an additional The moot or should I not be bothered about it. That's type of preparation is better than just sink all materials and feel bumped about it during the "more information".
  6. I do understand "Legendary Armory will be available closer to its release." I am asking now to prepare for the legendary armory, since price afterward might go beyond the moon for mystic coins.
  7. Hi, so basically there's some concerns of mine and maybe others looking for an answer about it. Will legendary armory support multiple of same weapons of generation 1 ? What will happen to someone having 9 legendary armors can they use legendary armory without worrying about it ? How skins and transmutation charges going work for legendary armory deposited weapons/armors into legendary armory? Does the legendary armory support legendary runes and sigils socketed into the weapons or that's going be a split ? How can we use legendary armory ? example: does it
  8. Yes, it can. They are just making it extra complicated for you: select the item, right-click it and select "Customize"; then you can equip the legendary rune/sigil. In some cases, you must select a "linked" Legendary Rune/Sigil from the Armory instead and manually place it on the weapon or piece of armor. The whole system is so badly and unintuitively designed that it's making the in-game life of owners of legendary equipment a hell rather than an amenity. But they do. The manual process does work, the issue should be addressed about when you double left click on legendary rune, you can't slo
  9. I told you so that legendary sigils or runes doesn't work. :disappointed: hoping next updates will fix this issue permanently.
  10. Legendary Runes, Legendary Sigils as well to add injury to the problem quite few update during 2020 broke them completely.I know we're the minority but switching stats or reusing the sigil/runes is a QoL Changes as I hope there's a solution to this problem. :/
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