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  1. they tried a version of this that back when chris whiteside was there not sure what happened to them
  2. i tend to roleplay a bit when im in major cities so i chat up other characters
  3. im not new ive played since gw1 beta days but tend to be loner due to health problems i play a few hours every day usually morning before work i do work full time. im hoping for an invite
  4. when given the chance i love porting people to daily jp's i do it when i can and ive had help from others on other times. there have been times where i ported people for a couple of hours and yes i prefer to send gold back to those who send. i do the porting out to help those who need it and there are times i need one or two bits of help. i prefer the paying stuff forward motto i help you. you help someone else with something else. maybe in the end they end up helping me out with something too
  5. i requested to join earlier in this very post and ill tell you they are a laid back group who are a lot of fun. i recommend joining in on discord and getting to know them first. guild hall wise they are moving on getting all the eminites but the core of this guild are great im glad i found them.
  6. im still looking for a guild id like to try yall out so please send an invite if yall are still recruiting
  7. i expect garbage so when comes that i like ill be happy. if not im OK i expected it
  8. i think i want to try yall out . my in game name is harry bunk crow
  9. im coming off hiatus of about 9 months due to illness and love to have a guild that would be interested in doing living world or story. i have most of it unlocked and have pof and hot would love to do those at some time. i dont have all my elites unlocked but working on those atm
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