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  1. As someone who played at beta/launch, and then took a break from 2013 until 2021, I can’t say I’d be a fan of this concept.
  2. Reflection piercing bullets. Or projectiles that explode on contact, dealing damage in a small AoE if reflected or blocked.
  3. Swordfeet; like Gazelle from the first Kingsmen movie. Plus sword arms, and the sword clenched between the cheeks.
  4. No one is having a problem comprehending this. It's just not a good idea. Anything that removes player agency is a game killer. People do not spend money on games that do not allow them to play the characters they want, when they want them, in the way that they want them. This would massively magnify the existing problems with blobs, would kill roaming, reduce pug play in WvW, and allow large guilds to basically lock down entire servers. This idea has literally only downsides. Now, if it were an entirely different game mode? That might be interesting to explore. But
  5. What a strange argument. "Sameweapon/sameweapon" isn't a weaponset - it's two weapons you're using together, so the notion that similar weapons in both hands is anything other than a choice is just odd. It's like saying "I can't have CC, damage, and mobility using just Banners". Yeah - that's why you're not in any way required or expected to use only one type of utility skill on your skill bar. Axe/Axe lacks CC? Yeah - so swap in a Dagger, Mace, or Sword. Mace/Mace lacks cleave? Yep - add an Axe, Dagger, or Sword. Like... that's why you're using two different weapons, rather than o
  6. What I find funny about ALL of these types of situations (I.e. needing to prove yourself to some randoms) is that the game seems to forget who you are. ”Hi - I’m a living legend, and easily one of if not the most recognizable person on Tyria. I’ve led two separate armies in war to save the planet, and am best known for being the first person in the known history of this world to have beaten an Elder Dragon. You can *literally* thank me for your continued existence. I need info you have, so let’s dispense with you even wasting my time with details about your weird knitting circle, a
  7. Warriors aren’t quite as clever as Thieves; we’d literally just throw guns at people. So maybe it could be called the “Gun Hucker”? Our skills could just be a progression of larger and larger guns to throw. Like, one skill is a flurry of zip guns thrown like shuriken, whereas the Elite would be flinging Charzookas like javelins at some fools.
  8. Why would Zhaitan bother to make himself immortal? The Elder Dragons don’t die of old age, don’t fear death, and - prior to the Pact Commander’s shenanigans - had never once in their existence met a force on Tyria that could beat them. You don’t need to be “immortal” when you have no concept of your own mortality.
  9. I’ve never perceived my Commander as necessarily “powerful on a scale beyond mortals”, but rather surviving via a combination of tenacity, luck, skill, relationship building, and a healthy dose of Mary Sue-ism. We didn’t defeat Zhaitan and Mordremoth because we were powerful, we defeated them because we exploited their weaknesses. And we beat Balthazar, Joko, and Kralkatorrik with the help of a dragon (and in Balth’s case, his own god sword). What makes us dangerous isn’t that we have the power of the gods; it’s that we’re legitimately bad-kitten heroes who don’t back
  10. I main a Sylvari Warrior, and I think there's no doubt it was hugely more influential to play as a sylvari than any other race for not only the Personal Story, but Seasons 1/2 and HoT: In personal story: Your intro story *literally* has you fighting a shadowy dragon, and you are given a Wyld Hunt to slay a dragon. The Sylvari is the only race whose intro story is actually relevant to the larger personal story of the core game. You meet Trahearne and establish a relationship with him early, which removes that whole "who is this guy and why did he just usurp my primacy" t
  11. I can't speak to every class, but I solo 100% of the time, and can speak to that experience on three classes: Rangers, Necros, and Warriors. I'm also a very casual player, which means (a) I don't focus on perfection, and (b) I'm not very good. So view my comments through that lens. 😁 Ranger: Having a pet vastly simplifies a lot of encounters. Many of them can be incredibly tanky, and unless you aggro a whole group onto yourself you'll find it very simple to take on most open world content (and even some dungeons and Champions). And they benefit from having very solid weapon choices
  12. I'm on the last legs of the Skyscale journey (currently collecting mats for the saddle), and I will readily agree that it was definitely not fun and absolutely too grindy and repetitive. However, an observation: "repetitive and grindy" basically describes 75% or more of the activities in this game. Everything beyond basic exotic gear requires farming some custom map-specific material in ridiculous quantities, or running time-gated events, or both. So it's par for the course for "end game" activities in GW2. And there are really two meta-categories of people that play th
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