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  1. Staff on a Necro isn’t a DPS weapon; in fact, it’s inarguably the lowest damage weapon Necro can use. If you want “durable” DPS the Necro isn’t a bad choice. In fact, because you have shroud as a second health bar you can afford to stack more damaging stats than other classes. Mind you - Necro (core, Reaper or Scourge) isn’t really a top DPS choice, but you can definitely make it work, and you’ll have the durability to outlast a few mistakes.
  2. What advantage does a core Ranger have over slb? I’ve been tinkering with a condi Ranger roamer, and while it performs well enough (as well as my skill level can manage, anyway 😅), I’ve never seen enough of a benefit from NM, BM, or MM to swap out SlB.
  3. Just call me "Kitteno Jones". ...which, I'm not going to lie, is hilarious. ArenaNet, I'm not sure who built your filter, but please introduce them to the English language.
  4. Huh? Here's the patch note: Emphasis mine. It'll still kittenmage moving targets, and it'll do more kittenmage anything standing still. Which should be no one in PvP/WvW, but that buff seems more about helping PvE than competitive modes. (I.e. - it's not a wvw/pvp buff, but it's definitely not any sort of net reduction.)
  5. Where are you seeing an “indirect nerf” to condi Necro in WvW/pvp? If anything, I think the Torment changes add another potentially meaningful source of condi kittenmage, and Soul Barbs now bukitten condi kittenmage. It’s not earth shaking, but that seems like an upward trend to me - not a downward one.
  6. I’m intrigued by the Rifle changes and largely indifferent to the rest. Most of the changes were to traits that will remain skippable even after the changes. I suppose the DPS improvements to Spellbreaker aren’t bad, IF you’re using D/X. (I use a GS, so oh well. *shrug*.) I’m chuckling at the salty Warrior nerf brigade already crying a little this patch. Most of these changes seem largely irrelevant or slightly beneficial, barring the change to Banners. Doesn’t seem like Warriors took much of a hit in this patch, and maybe even came out slightly ahead.
  7. This. The Commander (whatever class they are) represents an incredible level of heroic power that no NPC can really match outside of a few specific powers or gimmicks. While specific NPCs may have a signature gift or power, they definitely never match the Commander in sheer capability. Consider if you will that most of the NPCs we see only use one weapon, and only use a small move set of powers. Now consider that the Commander has access to all of the weapons a class can use, plus all of the powers, traitlines, and elite specializations, and can use any of them, on command, as the situation ca
  8. It sounds cool in theory, for sure. But imagine if there was a long-running TV show that stopped airing (or making available) previous seasons? That show would die after the first season; modern audiences have too much choice to be willing to wade through complete confusion for months until they can string together a story from flashbacks or internet summaries. And new players would be completely turned off. What content would they have to play? No core game, because that’s all changed. No LS 2-4, no HoT, no PoF. So, they’re playing WvW, PvP, and whatever episode of IBS is out right now? Ah.
  9. When I played back at launch my first two characters in the game were an Asura and a Norn. Neither seemed to have any real tie to or investment in the core story; you get dropped in by circumstance and experience events and meet people that spring up around you with little context. I recently came back after an 8 year break; I rolled a Sylvari, and I’m amazed by how much more cohesive the story felt. My prelude puts me on a wild hunt to fight a dragon, I met Trahearne, recovered (and wielded) Caladbolg, and even experience the story that explains why we have a magic mirror to use against Zhait
  10. This thread has taught me two things: People don’t understand psychology.My spare GoE that’s been sitting on my account for ~8 years is apparently really friggin’ valuable.@OP: while I also think they should enable people to “play their way” and pay a conversion cost to buy items from different game modes, the reality is that it won’t happen. So, instead, you’ve gotten some good suggestions on ways to “PvE” your way through WvW. I’ll add a few more general suggestions: Do you have any friends who will join you in WvW? People get less anxious when they’re in company.Try to reframe your view of
  11. yup that's the one I use! spvp, and small skirmishes in wvw. should win any 1v1. Out of curiosity, have you made any changes to this build based on your experience? I really want to make Condi Soulbeast work, and I ended up building a very similar build to this one before I found this thread. (Mine was more stance focused, and used Sic ‘em for some burst instead of Poison Trap.)
  12. Not at all! I’m actually finding the conversation interesting. While some of the specific issues seem to be magnified for PvP/WvW, the overall discussion remains interesting given that I’ve found I’m enjoying Warrior much more than I did 8 years ago. Plus, now I’m running with Discipline, as well as Tactics because Healing Shouts seems like a better add than anything you get out of Defense or Arms. (Although I do miss the 20% attack speed increase from Dual Wielding. It was fun being a spastic A/A blender.) I do wish the traitlines were better arranged, like most of you seem to. Some of the ot
  13. Thank you everyone for the replies. I definitely get the value for pvp/WvW, or for specific builds. I really wish Axe/Axe had a movement skill in there to take advantage of Warrior’s Sprint (and Brave Stride); Sword/Axe isn’t quite as fun to play, and Greatsword just feels clunky. That being said, I’ve dropped Discipline into my build, and added Kick as an on-demand movement skill (as well as a hard CC). Figure it’s worth getting used to running with it if I ever decide to do WvW with this guy (instead of my Ranger or Necro).
  14. I’ve got a fairly fresh 80 Warrior that I plan to run through all of the LW story content (which I’ve never actually played before), and as I’m looking to refine my build for solo/open world PvE I keep seeing Discipline crop up in every build, and I’m not sure I understand why. Is weapon switching really just super common for everyone? I run Axe/Axe as my primary weapon set, and it doesn’t feel like I’m so short of things to do off cool down that a weapon swap would be super useful. Additionally, I like to keep a ranged weapon on swap for those few scenarios where I want to keep my distance (a
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