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  1. I have my own transport. I call him "Ancalagon The Mini" (my skyscale). Why would I ever need to take a slow trip on a turtle when I could roam around in all three dimensions on my skyscale?
  2. And here is an example of what I was saying earlier. There are players that would like to have non-instanced housing. I'm betting that it's a substantial number of people. I suspect that people like Goettel want non-instanced housing because it would be somewhat more interactive than instanced-housing. Goettel was quite astute, however, in recognizing that we simply don't have the technology to implement this without slowing servers to a crawl. Even if you try to dumb things down to "here's a single object that represents the exterior of your house", that would still mean potentially thousands
  3. The problem with player housing is that most players, I believe, want to show off their shiny new house to other players, both interior and exterior. The problem with allowing exterior modelling is that it takes up vast amounts of processing power to keep all that stuff modelled. Think about games like "Conan Exiles" or "Ark" that allow you to build your own structures. The more structures you build, the slower the game gets as the amount of objects that need to be rendered keeps going up. Now ramp that up to ridiculous levels as you have hundreds or perhaps THOUSANDS of players all wanting to
  4. I can't even use the level 80 booster that I got from a previous expansion. It is stuck in that slot and can't be accessed. I still keep getting that "temporarily disabled" message.
  5. I'm starting to understand why a lot of people here are unhappy with the state of elementalists. I have been trying to start doing some basic fractals and even for basic training missions, a lot of people don't seem to like bringing an elementalist along. Adding a new specialization at this point, seems like almost something of putting a bandaid on a large gaping wound. It would be nice if the current specializations as well as the core abilities would be looked at again so that we would have a bit more usefulness. It came as a terrible shock when I found that a lot of people won't even think
  6. Query, folks. I have a shared inventory slot from some previous expansion or some such. It apparently has a level 80 boost in it but when I try to access it I get the message "That content has been temporarily disabled. Please try again later." Has anyone else experienced this?
  7. You seriously better not be trying to tell me that Taimi isn't cute! She's just the cutest little squirt around. There's a lot more just like her. Yes there are some that are rather hideous but then no race is perfect.
  8. On the other hand, it can very quickly become frustrating if you are trying to complete content and you suddenly find that you HAVE to have another player present to fill the role that you are missing with your character. You can't always rely on there being people around to group with and some people just want to solo anyways. Did ANet go too far in making everyone a Jack of all Trades? Well, I guess the answer to that varies with each individual who plays the game. Some specialization can be achieved with certain professions in this game. In part, I think that it is the content that drives p
  9. I really think Quaggans should stay as an NPC race. We already have Asurans filling in as the cute little PC members of the community. Quaggan PCs would just muddy the water.
  10. Oh god, please no. This is one of the reasons why I left WoW. It just didn't seem to fit and the Pandarans looked hideously cute. If you want hideously cute here, go hug an Asuran.
  11. Arnox, while I sympathize with your frustrations on these low drop rates, Human nature is what it is. It is part of our social behavior to seek some form of recognition and respect from others around us. We all know this often takes the form of owning/wearing shiny bling to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Those that are seriously focused on this form of recognition will always seek to find the rarest items, even if they look like pure crap. If an item becomes less rare or more easily obtainable, then people who chase after this stuff will no longer be interested. It is likely in the best
  12. I'm still betting on it being a spear. Thanks for that bit of info. I didn't know what the actual name of the spear was. It just seems like such a natural fit for Cantha as well. Time for pole arms!
  13. If ANet would release newer dyable versions of some of these backpacks I would cheerfully spend gems to pick some of them up. The one I am most interested in is the Scaled Dragon Wings backpack.
  14. I would like to see a revised version of the Scaled Dragon Backpack skin that can be dyed to match the Scaled Dragon Wings Glider. I have both right now and would still be happy to spend gems to get a newer matching version that can be dyed.
  15. I too have disabilities that make certain activities in the game almost undoable. I do not want the developers to make the game easier for me though. That would ruin the game for normal players. It's up to me to either adapt or do without. Fortunately for me, the community here is really nice and when I needed help, a nice mesmer came along and helped me out. Look to your fellow players if you are having difficulty. The people here are kind and quite helpful!
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