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  1. Escort Pepperseed back to the Zephyrite Docks and Defend the Zephyrites from the Branded. I'm working my way to the Visions legendary item and these events which are needed aren't triggering.
  2. This message is directly to Anet, but I felt everyone in the forums should hear this. When I play Guild Wars 2 I put time,energy, and money into a game I truly enjoy, I do so for the pleasure of enjoying the company of my guildmates and millions upon millions of those that enjoy the same game I enjoy. I've been asked to take survey's pertaining to WvW and other general play since pre-release seven years ago and continue to play on a daily basis. I believe it was earlier this month Anet released and asked via email if I'd be willing to take a survey to to give my thoughts on the game. As some
  3. With the current map state of WvW that being two original and one dessert Borderland would it make things more interesting by adding a third borderland map into the fray and make things more interesting?
  4. When can we expect an announcement as to when the new WvW system will arrive?
  5. Your supposed to trigger this event by speaking to the receiving attendant at dusk or dawn and there is no way to trigger or initiate a conversation with him.
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