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  1. Gandara will happily take any unwanted server. Joint petition?
  2. He is, as a matter of fact. I would change cynical into something else, but the rest is accurate.
  3. That is not correct. Posting some indication (not the actual numbers) would show they have a system in place that makes some sense. Even if they did tiers. In a sense they already do with the server status, but they don't want to say anything that involves numbers because what happens if the metrics show something very different than server status? People would be ready with pitchforks especially on EU where 3 server get shafted for 2 months every relink. Or, you know, they could just openly say that server status DIRECTLY reflects their metrics over a certain number of weeks and we should believe it. There is no harm in doing this since nobody can check, especially if it was true. However, people are often reluctant to outright lie when they can simply avoid the topic altogether.
  4. What if you had to trade another converter for it. Everyone likes free things...a little less when you have to pay for them
  5. Yeah, I did say I'd agree with the concept, but Dawdler likes to say it's a skill issue about anything that anyone else has a problem with in the game. Except when he's the one with a problem, evidently. And the thief remarks across threads are now piling up...
  6. No just yet: I do not believe you have been unlinked for 3+ relink periods, so first provide proof and then I'll decide whether I think you deserve the badge. Either way, if you are used to it, just join us for the ride, you haven't been unlinked for way too long, so you must be tanking, which also means your 0.97 kdr would probably be 1.97 if you weren't.
  7. Too much skill, indeed. Dawdler would tell you: all classes have tools to deal with stealth and thief mobility, you just need to get better and deal with it. Listen to him.
  8. If that was how it worked then...FR would have a much higher population...
  9. How about FSP 6 months of no link together with Gandara? Sounds good? We don't have many thieves so you can show off and balance the kdr by yourself Dawdler...
  10. Sounds like a skill issue to me, wouldn't you agree Dawdler? To quote yourself back to you of course. Normally I would simply agree with the whole post, but since you think everything else is a skill issue, it's very surprising to see such double standards...
  11. Yes yes the Death Star building type of server. The ones who build defensive siege to the cap, trebs, shield gens, loads of acs, the works.
  12. Seems obvious Alliances will see even more time slot stacking within each alliance. I think they hope to reduce the problem because alliances are smaller than servers...
  13. They do mix, except for Baruch Bay, nobody knows why they play by different rules, they get to greatly outnumber every other EU server and stay not full (and with no link). For some reason mixing English, French and Germans servers is ok, but not Spanish. Hordes of spanish speaking players from North, Central and South America also play on this server. The NA system is designed so that all have links, the EU system somehow has BB and 2 unlucky servers which get no link for 2 months. It's entirely possible they never eliminated T5 in EU because of BB. Needless to say all linkless servers get stuck in T5 for the duration of the linking period with 1 going back to T4 every 2 weeks. So, in essence, in NA you tank to get a more enjoyable match the following week, in EU you tank so that you don't have to spend 2 months with no link (or 6-8 months sometimes).
  14. Last time Gandara tanked for 3 weeks and still got no link. But the Full servers went from 2 to 8 or so. At this point I would make no assumption on how they calculate population and treshholds because it openly makes no sense. I do agree that 'small' link servers are instrumental to success and I would also say they are not that small actually.
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