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  1. Hi there!We would love to have you: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/comment/1412804We're a new guild (created just over a month ago) with 50+ members (of which a very active core group of 15-20 players)Most of us are returning players mixed with new players as well. We are holding weekly guild missions and explain all aspects to those while upgrading our guild hall together
  2. When we created this guild I was hoping to find just a few players that we could hang out with.However after only a big month we've found a very nice core group of players who are actively joining in all kinds of activities together: PVE, Fractals, WvW, Guild Missions and even doing map completion together. We're active on Discord daily just having fun, joking around and helping out eachother.It's something very different from what I've experienced in any other "social" guilds with 100+ members where there's only some activity in the chat ingame. We focus on having fun and helping out eachothe
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