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  1. If your serious you can always join me on the FF14 forums. Let's shake it up. 😄
  2. You wake up one morning and have a vision of clarity. It's as clear as day that you are no longer having fun in GW2. Indeed the fun has been replaced by annoyance, disappointment and frustration. I quit.
  3. Yes Mum. When I grow up I want to be perfect just like you. Was you not aware that the state of that map and the dragon itself, changes state at least 3 times through some form of cycle?
  4. Like I said in the post I was teleported to the group which was back at where you start. So I had to travel back as the waypoints down that end by the skyscale den for some reason disappear and reappear, not contested, they disappear.
  5. My bet is this sort of thing happens to most of us but people won't speak out for fear of looking like a idiot. I'm vocal because I don't give a monkeys about what people think. I tell it how it is, or how I see it and that often earns me the title of troll.
  6. Started today and had no problem. I even had the marker (green arrow) on the map for the cave. The whole thing took me around a minute were as yesterday I spent most of the day trying. Somehow I think that large group was messing me up. If so that shouldn't happen. I'm suppose to be in my own instance aren't I?. This game can sometimes be pure BS you know?
  7. I have been on a ledge overlooking the spot. One time it had a blue flashing marker. Very confusing. I wasn't aware of the cave. There are several caves in that area which I explored but didn't come across any part of the dragon. I bet it's a little hidden crack in the wall isn't it? 🙂
  8. Well I kept getting pulled out of the story and dropped amongst a group which I thought strange but carried on regardless. Now I am at the stage were I need to plunge the spear into a certain dragon, but every time I manage to get myself in position and the story is telling me to use the spear, there's some commentary the screen whites out and I'm back in this party again. Plus the story seems to have stalled leaving me with no guidance. There is now a storm around the dragon so I can't just quickly jump in a do the business. Three times yesterday I managed to get in position to st
  9. Every time I am about to finish a certain part of the last chapter in Dragonfall my screen goes white and I'm teleported to a group that is playing on map and I have to start the long hard trek all over again and most time when I get where I'm suppose to be the quest is no longer active. What a mess. What in Joko's name is that all about? It's suppose to be my own personal story (that I can't finish) because some party is spamming the map. I am stuck and don't know how to carry on. Talk about BAD game design, and I paid for this.
  10. My rating dropped quite rapidly recently. Why are they not fixing the bugs or optimizing the game. Why are they not giving us true quality of life stuff, stuff that is requested over and over again, stuff that the game truly needs. All every patch brings to us are nerfs and mostly unwanted balance adjustments.
  11. The amount of account bound stuff is now ridiculous. I think they are just plastering 'account bound' on everything these days. It's like being handcuffed at a disco..
  12. Yeah that's right. I'm lying my head off. So I may as well up my lie by telling you the last 3 bags of laurels I have received all. contained 1 laurel. Repairing and clearing my GW2 cache now that I am aware that this is not normal.
  13. I have 2 at the moment. I was waiting for laurels to buy a recipe (needed 5) So was happy when the a got laurels for logging in, then sad when I found it only contained only one. One laurel as a log in reward is a bit of a joke don't you think?
  14. Option to turn down or better still OFF completely the virtual clutter. bright lights and effects. Also give us a larger cursor as you lose and can't find it in fights.
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