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  1. Been there, bought the T shirt, T shirt long time in the bin.
  2. Op has it right. I say to my self @ 7am that I will just log on and get my daily reward then get some breakfast. Next thing I know I am feeling weak and dizzy. It's 9.30 pm, I have gone all day forgetting to eat or drink. I also need the toilet real bad. I eat, drink, rest my blood shot eyes promising myself I will not touch GW2 tomorrow, but the evil circle repeats itself the very next day. I need help. How is it possible to play this game and have a job? It's not.
  3. Wait, do people actually buy those costumes? I thought they were on the gem store so that the good stuff didn't feel lonely.
  4. Most of the drops depending where you are. are boring as hell these days. The only place you seem to get any sort of variety is in the starting area's. Others such as HOT's and POF drop the same 3 or 4 items all the time. One of them being bloodstone dust. I no longer get excited when opening a chest or looting the area. Just the same line of stuff scrolling up your screen making it look good. Loot drops across the board including fractals and BLC has dropped to a all time low.
  5. I could yes, but I have been wanting to cut back on my gem purchases I spend far to much on them. This has given me the excuse, or reason to quit buying them. They are now asking gem costing into the thousands for utter junk. I can't really trust what I'm buying anymore, the wording on the descriptions can so easily be mistaken.
  6. I seen this and thought great, they are allowing us to play the season 3 and 4 maps without the horrid story (1000gems) , because that's how the description paints it. No, in reality I get to send someone to one of those maps once a day. First day they return with a lump of ore and a couple of cooked oysters. What a rip-off. I could have bought access to those maps for half of the price if I go through the pain of playing the story. Honestly I want my frigging money back. Day -light- robbery.
  7. Reminds me of levelling in cooking. I had all bags and bank full of stuff that I crafted which said in the description 'Crafting material' but I never used again. I have since bin or sold it. I now only craft 5 out of all the other 1,300.467 junk food items. @Veprovina.4876 I think I have discovered everything there is to discover. When did you level up in AS, 2011?
  8. I have been stuck at something like level 475 in Armor smith for months. I can farm all week and I'm lucky if I can craft one thing that ups my level and that hardly touches my progress bar. The craft system in GW2 is disheartening at best and does not reward you for hard work. It took me ages and a lot of gold to get cooking to 500 and I only got that due to me finding out about the gormy chef achievement. Recently I have been considering completely giving upon crafting. It was great fun but becomes somewhat ridiculous, expensive, and disheartening at later levels. Every tim
  9. They make far to much of the boring flashing/sparkling/glowing stuff and far to little of the good stuff.
  10. Don't the dev's get it? If they blind us all, we can't play the game, resulting in them all becoming unemployed. It's in their interest to turn the lights off. I know they have a kitten on for flashing blinding lights but they must learn to control their fetish.
  11. Let's forget about the story for a minute. As your base-line MMO, it wins big time on many of the aspects of a good MMO. It has it's problems yes, but as a avid player of MMO,s there is nothing out there that comes close. The up and coming MMO's seem to be struggling to release anything playable. You have New world which seems to have been in a food blender for years. Ashes seems to be struggling to make their ideas a reality. It will probably be years before either of these become a stable MMO, if they ever do. I think GW2 has a lot of life in it yet. Vet's might not think s
  12. All fixed now. Let's give a hearty cheer for Vodafone....NOT!
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