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  1. Me and my wife were finishing up getting our Griffin mounts last night and there was a ton of other people in those maps doing things.
  2. Sadly it's going to take awhile on my 5.8 Mbps connection but it's going to be a blast once it's done. Me and my wife cant wait to play!!!!
  3. Me and my wife are planing on a more relaxed play through with EOD. We just started GW2 last February and we played a pretty good pace to get caught up and now we want to really enjoy what EOD has to offer.
  4. Me and my wife have been playing for just over a year and sometimes while we're playing we just find ourselves just exploring random places and we always have a blast. The amount of thought and detail that is in this game is the best I've ever seen.
  5. Have you made sure that your refresh rate is set to 60Hz in the Nvidia Control Panel?
  6. When you are playing the game how much free Ram do you have? if your pushing up against your 8gigs and are swapping to the HD/SSD then that will seriously impact your loading times. Can you upgrade your system to 16 gigs of ram?
  7. In one of the first live streams of EoD over the summer they said that EoD is not the end of GW2. They all said that they have years of new content and ideas for the game. I for one am very much looking forward to EoD and what will be coming later to GW2.
  8. Meanwhile that's exactly what WoW and Ff14 do and everyone loves it. I personally can't wait to play EOD it'll make this great game even better in my opinion.
  9. Nope that GPU will do just fine. My wife has a GTX1050 Ti and the games is set to high settings and she gets around 70-80fps out in the world. its lower in the main cities and with big groups of players.
  10. This is mine and my wifes main game and MMO. We were very big WoW players since it first launched but that game has seriously gone down hill fast. We started Playing GW2 at the end of January and we both just fell in love with this game. Its everything we wished WoW was. GW2 is just a joy to play and were just loving everything about it. Were still only in the core game areas and very much looking forward to HoT and PoF areas as well as when EoD comes out.
  11. I built my wife a system to play with me out of parts I had laying around. Core 2 duo E8600 @3.33ghzEVGA Nforce 680i main board8 gigs ddr2 @ 1066mhzGeForce GTX 470Creative X-Fi fatality edition500 gig sata 3 ssd500gig nvme drive on a Silverstone ecm22 adapterWindows 7 Ultimate The game runs absolutely beautiful 55-70fps with everything set to medium at 1080 resolution. So your system should run this game even better than hers
  12. Nothing is worse than WoW when it comes to flashy crazy armor. 80+% of the high level players are like neon signs walking around and then you have the weapons that look like you have a Lightsaber.
  13. I'm a very very new player I started playing the last week of January. So I haven't been through the other holiday festivals but I really enjoyed Lunar New Year. I was a looong time WoW player and I'm just loving this game so much more than I did WoW. My wife is also playing with me after see how much fun it is and she's also loving it more than WoW.
  14. What servers are you using? I was playing last night and I was getting 35-44ms with the average showing 38ms.
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