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  1. Glad you like it mate, also drop me a pm in game if you want some 1v1 practise or to do some duo queue
  2. In my opinion you should not get discouraged by toxicity of some people and focus on improving your self. Even when you are in bad team try to do your job best , because aways there is something which you can learn and improve on. If you want to try hard i would recommend you to film some of your games and watch them after that, look for mistakes which you have made and where you can improve on. Also i think it is good to learn to play different builds, classes and roles so you can adapt and be more useful for the team. Most important in my opinion is to ha
  3. I think you know my stance about numbers and that i disagree with Justice on that topic , so i am not sure why you quote me
  4. There was a bit of toxicity here and there, but overall it is very constructive thread with a lot of interesting things and ideas mentioned. I hope to see more threads like this. Balancing a game is not an easy task and the typical nerf/buff threads many times are actually doing more bad than good for the game in my opinion, thats why this thread is interesting to me , because people are trying to find a better approach to that complex problem.
  5. Unfortunately most of the people get bored when science get involved, but this thread is truly awesome in my opinion, because it is constructive.
  6. Hello dear Anet, Today for first time i got disconnected in pvp match and i saw that many people today had problems with getting disconnected. My last game for today i got disconnected 4 times, another team mate got disconnected 2 times and an enemy player also got disconnected 2 times in the same game, we won that game but i got dishonor and deserter and lost points for winning the game. In another game today 3 allies and 2 enemies got dced at the same time.. and i had few more disconnects during other matches. This happens for first time for me
  7. Hmm.. i am sorry but i still dont see where the problem is to use evolution algorithm to find the optimal state. The idea of EA is optimization and finding optimal state. May i ask you are you familiar with EA and how they optimize/find best solution for specific problem?
  8. yes i understand the idea, what i fail to understand is how is that related to this :
  9. Not necessarily . In my case i used it to optimize 3 coefficients, which is much more simple task than finding the optimal builds in game as gw2, so in my opinion it can be used without any kind of a problem.
  10. Exactly. Or you can also use evolution algorithm to find the best build as i gave example in my prevous post "This also i have seen in another test which i was working on few years ago. So i used a bacteria evolution algorithm to optimize the performance of line tracing robot car on a specific race track. The output of this algorithm was few parameters(settings) which needed to be setup in the car. So i made a simulator and physical model of the car and a map of the track and let the algorithm to give me the best settings for the car for that specific track. What the algorithm was
  11. He is a bit too agressive some times, but he have some interesting points and the discussion it self is very interesting one in my opinion.
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