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  1. Name of the family: Di Vanezzio. Head of Family: Elebor Di Vanezzio. Heritage: Acalonian/Krytan. Coat of arms: An Elk head, half white on the left side and black on the right, with a circular elegant looking ornament of golden color behind it. Family estate: Within Divinity’s Reach. Notable for: Supporting the Charr/Human treaty, the previous head of the family (Richard) aiding to scribe and redact the document, and now a days a family dedicated to commerce, at the service and loyal to the Krytan throne. And actively aiding for the betterment of Tyria however they
  2. Tired of looking for a guild or peeking endlessly to see if any rp is up, I decided to take matters on my hands to make a guild of my own that welcomes new and seasoned rplayers that seek for a rich roleplay experience, if you enjoy immersive lore friendly roleplay in the world of Tyria hit me up Emilio.5837 in a mail, obviously I seek to create a place with no unnecessary drama, godplay and as mentioned before that is compatible with the guild wars and guild wars 2 lore. I got plans for it as it grows and people join and help make it a good guild and place for roleplay to be brou
  3. Well I think that more importantly there should be a more congruent system of rotation for gem items, I understand that as new items are added its impossible to keep them all piling up at the gem store, but I like the idea of having access to certain items via other “gem relevant” currencies as the lion statuettes, but it needs to be polished into having certain sections so every single item ever offered and still “approved” of use, can have a guaranteed rotation or season to come back in order for us to pick an item we might have missed or recently gained an interest in, but to have at least
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