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  1. As I said many Top sSpellbreaker already die to Condi Core War and now gonna die to a Bladesworn, as they die to a good Berseker too. In a good player hands any Warrior Spec will be dangerous. On my matchs until now I had no problem with Flow, CD and Sustain, the main problem where DT, not cast it but hit it is a little bit hard. The Swap ia problem too on DT.
  2. I see it like that. But the gunsaber is like a better Riffle. @Loules.8601 @Hobo.7813 if you take a look the new utilities skills seem to work very good with Tatics. I can't say something properly now, but I didn't have problem with flow when was playing, not even with CD. My problem was using Dragon Trigger correctly, this cast is very hard.
  3. I see BS as Soldier of our Time, but the gun saber is mix of greatsword and rifle. I like it, I didn't feel any problems with sustain and dmg. I not play BS as I play with Warrior, Berserker or Spellbreaker. I was not expecting any huge dmg from BS, but a different approach to how deal a high dmg and different tatics. And I already saw many OP combos to apply. I think people want warrior core 2.0 and spellbreaker 2.0 hehe.
  4. PvP View: Until now, the class seem awesome. The flow really get the feel of being like a flowing through the battle. The DMG still a little low, because I was adapting myself with the new E-spec, mid-range dmg seem awesome. No problem with swap at all, I don't even remeber to use discipline. And for the other not all my build has discipline it isn't not a requiriment if you are playing a different build. And thanks Rifle seem to be good.
  5. People seem to hate Berserker so much that is a Joke, I think its more because of the Torch weapon than for the lack of sustain. Spellbreaker can reach very high Tier if played properly, you need to be very clutch. One of the things that is fun about Warrior, that is very straight forward to play it, but to master requires a long way of training and knowledge about engage, disengage, cunning, deception.
  6. Core Condi can even break a good SpB on a duel. I think people will show different approach for each class and gonna result in not reliable data.
  7. Core the most flexible is right, Berserker I call it the 'monster' of the 3. But I don't play it for months, and I don't know why people put it on C-Tier, everytime I pick Berserker I win. Spellbreaker is a different approach its different way of playing.
  8. This can be a option, but sometimes it doesn't. You can confirm it @Leonidrex.5649, just acknowledge the ones that you see every match and try to catch them on a High Place, they will keep running like those afks on a wall that we have on WvW for farming PiPs and those bot will never reach you because they doesn't know how to reach you. If it's a human, he will just try to reach you, if he can't, he will go away from you and try to do other things on the matchs, but the bot will be there the entire match, it's sad. You can even type /sit hehehe. This approach is like what we do with the Supe
  9. The problem isn't players behaving like a bot because of movements pattern. Bots has a very predictable way of think and move. If you have full of regen and protection build, you can pass the entire match face tanking one of the bots and it will never quit or run out of the battle against you. You can even bug the bot in someplaces.
  10. For me is the same, if there is bot on NA, probably has bots on EU too. As I said the more you play, more you will find them. For a bot being on high ranking don't seems to be easily to deal with them. They probably run meta builds. But as you and I said, if you know their flaws you can easily deal with them.
  11. @Leonidrex.5649 If you take a better look you gonna discover that you are totally wrong. There is people complaining that even on High ranking you can find bots. One of top ranks has a video with them. This kind of view is totally elitist. The problem with the bots is that they are very predictable and they ruin your game. You are called to a match and them 4 of your team are bots and if the enemy team don't discover it fast you gonna win. But if they discover you gonna loose. https://www.twitch.tv/im_grimjack/clip/BetterRamshackleHornetMoreCowbell-Zubyr_sJh4_78Aat The bots has
  12. For me is very strange that they already didn't put spears for Warrior. Like Spear and Javelins were the most common weapon on any Warrior in our Real History. And Paragons seems to fit exactly this spot on the game. I know that we have this on water. But I want it on the game so I can have my Hoplite with a Spear + Shield and really enable the Phalanx trait of Tatics.
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