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  1. that would be botting and yes it's against the EULA
  2. leave med-kit scrapper alone, it's doing what it's supposed to be doing.
  3. it's called hopeum, meanwhile buy more gems as 50+bot's and bot scripts rampage through your zone using "3rd party program that shall not be named", and still not banned, thank you NA Servers Rank 1 for demonstrating it's effectiveness.
  4. multi boxing is wrong in WvW, it should be a perma ban, and it offers a huge advantage in groups of 40+
  5. "Delete desert map" - no learn to play better. Desert map is awesome.
  6. Anet honestly does not care, or has a blind eye to this severe problem. As for spotting them it's pretty obvious to spot since what they do is otherwise impossible to do with a group of human players. When you are simultaneously hit by 20 "bots" in less than 1/4th second, where you are snared by 5 and killed by 15 rinse repeat.
  7. Filthy casual here too. One of the reasons I loved GW1 was the casual feel of it all. The ability to do Urgoz with a simple Ranger build or heal using a simple heal build was very appealing. GW2 dev's have simply ruined the idea of doing raids or strike missions for me though I'd love to do them just for the visuals or lore, I cannot as age has accumulated.
  8. that can't be right, because if it was, it would in in line with Sharper Images. As it stands it's far weaker than Sharper Images, they are identical traits except Jagged mind grant's 3% of it's damage as healing, ... which is basically little to nothing compared to say a necromancers Parasitic Contagion.
  9. funny but it honestly does not really answer the question.
  10. Why is Jagged Mind nerfed into near uselessness in WvW and PvP? compared to nearly every other condi trait in the game?
  11. NO! please keep the name Infantile mode it's hysterical, and I love it.
  12. Why is Anet not providing this in game advantage to other players?
  13. yes I would also like to purchase the in game advantage other players have so I can farm the meta event also.
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