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  1. Day 17 I have put antlers on the fern hound. It was not amused.
  2. I still want my deer, darn it!
  3. Bumping this because deer deserve to fight for Tyria, too! Not just spiders, bears, wolves, smokescales, phoenixes, cats, a common farm pig (why is this a pet and not a deer - we even have a deer rank in PvP! This makes too much sense not to have as a pet!) a slew of crocodiles ("drakes"), a floating plant thing, five different moas, jellyfish, sharks... but apparently, not deer. Which would be a great pet for charges and stun. Or even a support pet, like the Fern Hound! Deer are often seen as symbols of nature, good luck, gentleness, and awareness. Maybe give it a pulse of stability for sever
  4. As a Ranger who mains druid, by the kitten Astral stars I turn into when I pop CA, druid - and Ranger as a whole - could use some serious love. The healing output just isn't great in most scenarios, charging Astral form is a pain and the mechanic of doing so feels seriously outdated, not to mention that most of the minor and major traits in most Ranger trees are a mess. The Pets are old and their AI is braindead, hell - the Gazelle will miss every single one of its attacks unless if you manage to lockdown someone with enough roots to let them nail a headbutt. Oh, and when they miss their F2, i
  5. I wish they would rework Ranger, because I notice just how terrible Ranger is as a whole compared to certain other classes. All of Ranger's toolkit is poorly written. Soulbeast, for example, has baked in power buffs - but daggers are a condi weapon, they're slow, they deal poor damage, and their combo makes 0 sense. They also have no way to evade damage besides, maybe, a small evasion. Offhand dagger is terrible. Mainhand axe is terrible. Offhand axe is okay in fractals and raids, where a meat target will stand still for a burst. Longbow is by far the most laughable form of ra
  6. I want it! I want to be the deer commander! Would also be awesome to have a travel tonic to turn into a deer, so I can be a deer commander, commanding a deer, as a deer. "We heard you like deer, so we put more deer in the deer so you could deer while you deer." - Me before getting hit by a roller beetle.
  7. What's wrong with the Ranger profession? (Besides the fact that longbows are terrible, as per usual with all longbow based builds.)
  8. I don't see how you equate moving around the world faster to easier combat situations. There's no equivocal value there at all. One is a general time saver by reducing the least fun aspects of the game, the other literally changes the difficulty of the game dramatically. A quality of life change would be things that cut down on the least fun aspects of the game. Combat is fun. Cutting down on it via raw power makes it less fun, unless if you're rising to meet harder challenges - which you need DLCs and higher levels to even *do*, and the knowledge to reach this harder content. Let me give
  10. As this guy said. In Archeage, a PvP focused game, you can summon your mount to follow you in world. You can mount at any time by hitting the mount button and quickly hopping on (if you're close enough), but having your mount out puts it at risk of being killed off for five whole minutes. Unless if you pay gold to resurrect it, of course - at respawn. Gw2 leans heavily into PvE. Therefore, PvE can't be trivial. If you could mount in combat, you could avoid all encounters, and you could avoid a part of the game that gives it a skill requirement - traversal. That's why PoF has areas
  11. I think it'd be cooler to have skins for pets, that way it's just more content to collect the pets that fit your vanity for Rangers.
  12. Your bunny can fight my deer, then! It will be a duel for the ages. Though please, keep your holy hand grenades to yourself. But yeah, deer are cool! And it's weird how deer aren't critters (they have their own moveset and fight back when hit), but aren't capable of being tamed. Even though you can ride reindeer, and you can tame deer irl. I think it'd be awesome to have basically the poster animal of "forest life" as a pet. When you think of forest animals, you probably think of three things. Rabbits. Squirrels. And Deer. And of those three, only one (or tw
  13. Hey. I'm actually one of the new players who came to the game and saw everyone on mounts. I actually didn't like how long it took to walk everywhere, and I quit for a few months to play literally anything else. I honestly felt kinda punished for not buying an expac, and that really turned me away for a long time. Funny, I played Runescape, a game which only gives you the ability to walk - and I can't play this game which expects me to do the same thing. I finally returned when my friend heard my woes, and bought me Path of Fire just to get a mount on a random level 80. I had 0 idea
  14. I just wish it wasn't a loading screen. Loading screens in a game are annoying. If the devs could figure out a way to remove the loading screen, I'd be happy.
  15. If you could mount in combat, then you'd be able to spam your engage ability. You could start a fight and pull several mobs with ranged attacks, mount up, lure them into a pile, and hit them with an engage. Which would grant you all of the boons your mount skills would grant, on top of a pile up, a knockdown CC, and placing you right on top of them for a heavy followup. If there is no cooldown on the engage, you allow the player to do this endlessly while suffering 0 risk from combat. If there's a cooldown on the engage, you risk having it on cooldown when a player needs it for world quests, o
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