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  1. Regards GW2 + arcdps crashing the game. I build wine tkg with all default except (setting _staging_version="v6.8"). So far 2 days working without crashes.
  2. Yes I also tried, same issue. Also disabling esync, then fsync crashes with same issue. I tested in a laptop with NVIDIA and AMD, both have same issue.
  3. This was configured already, see bellow: ~  ulimit -Sn  ✔ 1048576 ~  ulimit -Hn  ✔ 1048576 Also, after opening the game, I can see the process has the correct limits: ~  cat /proc/$(pidof GW2.exe)/limits | grep files  ✔  7s  Max file size unlimited unlimited bytes Max core file size unlimited unlimited bytes Max open files 1048576 104857
  4. Hey guys, I'm playing on a MSI Alpha 15 laptop (Vega 10 and 5600m dedicated), I'm using opensource drivers and using prime to run using the dedicated card. I'm using the wine version from this post and with arcdps, and the game freezes after some time. I can see in comments here that this is happening with others. I ran the game with debug, and I was able to reproduce the crash, here the logs: 0046:fixme:msctf:KeystrokeMgr_TestKeyUp STUB:(0000000005C44990) 0046:fixme:msctf:KeystrokeMgr_TestKeyUp STUB:(0000000005C44990) ........ //until here all was good .... 0046:fi
  5. Hey guys, May I ask what is performing better for gw2 comparing AMD vs NVIDIA? More specificaly a laptop using AMD rx5600m vs NVIDIA 2060? Thanks!
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