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  1. So apparently the boons are given around the target of Chaos Vortex according to this reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/pta3d7/mirage_ambush_issue
  2. The staff mirage ambush is bugged as of Sept. 21 2021. (Or stealth nerfed) To gain alacrity and might, the Mirage has to hit their target with Chaos Vortex while also having the target be in range of the new blue circle indicator. The following situations will not grant alacrity + might: 1. Using Chaos Vortex without a target (this includes just standing idly and using the ambush skill for "free" boons) 2. Hitting a target with Chaos Vortex but the target is not in vicinity of the blue circle indicator 3. Hitting a foe with Chaos Vortex that is within th
  3. 4th time this month my entire build template was completely wiped out. nth time I've had utilities shuffle [not to the default order too, which I forced myself to get used to]
  4. Mirage is a mess, I don't disagree. However, they really just need a few tweaks here and there. Mirage mirrors definitely need a big facelift. It's whole shpiel (in PvP) is completely befuddling opponents, and it slightly does that thanks to all the de-targeting, Jaunt, ambush attacks, increased mobility etc... And also in PvP they Mirages have the great option of going power shatter spike or condi. In PvE, they kind of go against the core mechanic of shattering in favor of IH DPSing, but oh well. Some of Mirage's utility skills are kind of outplayed [pvp wise] by core mesm
  5. I would like to see (yet another...) Chrono rework. Chronos are basically core Mesmer plus+. The biggest game changer is the big skill reset button, and that's it. A majority of the wells are garbage, chrono shatters are almost identical to core shatters, still have phantasm->clone->shatter mechanic. Almost zero fundamental change in gameplay. I would like to see less clone-phantasm reliance to be honest Mirages, in my opinion, are in a great place gameplay wise (not counting 1-dodge memes). Various mirage traits can really change how one plays, IH "clonemancers" being the bi
  6. I think the ideal situation would be they get the 3 legendary greatswords as long as they have Twilight/Sunrise unlocked AND still own Eternity. It might be cumbersome though, but seriously I think it's completely unfair to handwave the people who made it normally just because muh economy
  7. Please ANet, don't let innocent people who crafted eternity the "legit" (i.e. no trading antics) way get rolled over for the sake of artificial economic balance. I made Eternity by crafting Sunrise and buying Twilight a LONG time ago, like in 2014. If I could, I would rather have Sunrise/Twilight now because I have since reskinned my Eternity to Vision of the Mists. The best option would be to just give those with Eternity 3 legendary greatswords. It seems like a lot and redundant sure, but Eternity is, in all purposes, 2 greatswords as one. Why such a big deal for x2 G
  8. I think JQ is infested with bots now. Last time I went there, they were all necro bomb bots. FA is dead now on weekdays, even prime time :(, but I heard there are a few weekend warriors that still play
  9. here it is, the discussion of the century I personally like FA more because it's more fun. It was blue favored (and still is), but ever since the one buff on siege attacks to remove 1 buff on hit, it made it a little more balanced for red side. Blue side can get rekt fast if there are no healers or support players online. My favorite is always when the timer is about to end for the big trumpet, but red side is battering on the lord. JQ is also fun :). I'd say it's an even game for both sides. Clutch supply escorts can win the match, necro bombs, blue laser beams etc...
  10. #1 actually broke quickness stacking on siege for WvW. It uses to be that you could spawn clones against a wall and constantly shatter as a StM chrono to give an omega golem (for example) high quickness uptime. Maybe it was a bit "broken" but it now also affects legit targets - gates. Non omega need to hit the gate, so quickness stacking via #1 chain on scepter + StM is pretty important. After the update, I've seen my clone spawn into the gate, be unable to hit the gate and then vanish without giving me a chance to shatter.
  11. Not sure why people are so against this. Laziness or not, I find it redundant to click on a bouncy chest, click OK from the day window then open inventory and click on the bag. It doesn't seem like much, but all of this adds up especially if you play WvW or PvP track rewards where you literally have bags in bags in bags ; turning this into an inventory clog problem eventually. In the past, completing dailies (and monthlies) would auto deposit the laurel after clicking OK on the completion window. I'm pretty sure the reason why ANet does this kind of thing is because of
  12. I would like this. Maybe make iWarlock one of the more support-ish phantasms (right now it is one of the worse skills to exist.) Buff Chaos Storm to pulse boons in sequence instead of random, and remove swiftness in place of something like Vigor [Aegis -> Resolution -> Vigor]
  13. actually, a better analogy would be Power Lock. Also ironically, GW2 PBlock (a trait) is a mix of PLock and PSpike instead of being actual PBlock. this is another interesting topic itself because interrupts in GW2 are not as severely punishing as they are in GW1 - which Mesmers and Rangers were both very good at. In GW1, an interrupt would waste someone energy, make the skill go on full cool down and any additional effects the rupt skill did. Being PBlocked is one of the worst feelings in the game. I wonder how fast people would rage if a similar system were implanted
  14. Aside from being a completely different game, GW1 Mesmers would legit make people rage quit the game faster than Mirages or Chronomancers did at their prime. I know this because I've been sent death threats using a simple Blackout build in RA or timing a well placed Diversion. Some people quit matches and took the dishonor hit when faced against a good Mesmer.
  15. yes. Although the actual skill names reference Elonian history, firebrands are basically the bards of this game (both in-game as a support spec and lore wise). They are wandering people who recant past history. Instead of songs, they "tell" stories. The Firebrand NPC actually says "chanting war mantras" for even more standard MMO bard flair.
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