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  1. Interested in both PvE and PvP stuff, just more into stuff that is more skill based and/or gets better gear rather than completionist or cosmetic collecting. I will try out fractals and some WvW, I know matched PVP uses standardized stats but do I need to try to get better gear for WvW? I still am wearing whatever I leveled with and it's probably not very good.
  2. Ah cool, I didn't know I could do fractals without the expansions, I will check them out.
  3. I have the base game that I bought back on release, hit lvl 80 and didn't play much after that. I am thinking about buying all 3 expansions but I wanted to play for a few weeks first if possible. I do enjoy pvp and play that, otherwise I'm not too interested in 100% all the maps. Is there anything else worth doing before I get the expansions?
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