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  1. Finally! thanks for the patch.Mouse curser options is coming ❤️ https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/arenanet-studio-update-june-2022/ Dude, Where’s My Mouse Cursor? We’re adding a new option to the General Options tab that allows you to choose from three cursor contrast modes: Off, Low, and High. These contrast settings are intended to improve the visibility of your mouse cursor, making it harder to lose track of and easier to find if you do. This should come in handy for areas of the game with a lot of on-screen action like raids, meta-events, world bosses, and World vs
  2. I using too but, Sometimes It can cause an error because it conflicts with other programs.
  3. Hello Guild Wars 2 Team, I have playing a long time this game and I wanna talking about a problem.I sometimes lose sight of the mouse cursor during gameplay(Raid/ Fractal/ PvE Meta contents).I think we should be able to make the mouse cursor bigger or smaller.I've been waiting for this for a long time, but still no such update.I think it is a simple update and should be considered. I don't want to use any app for this(for example; Yolo mouse app).Please bring a mouse cursor app like this app. Please consider this consideration! I hope u understand me. o/
  4. I hope what I said will be taken into account. The daily boxes(Log-in daily rewards) we receive when we log into the game, for example "Bag of Celebration" should be "Bag of Booster" for us. All boosters should be selectable, e.g. I wanna choice '' Experience booster ''.That way it can be more efficient for the game. By the way, my english some bad, sorry for this. I hope I was able to express my opinion.
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