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  1. In spvp everyone should have the same downstate skills and all res utils should hugely nerfed.
  2. Every single server is garbage. Save your gems and see if alliances changes thing up. Servers that fight well and aren't overstacked inevitably become stacked the next link...and the cycle continues.
  3. With the current stack bunker and win comps, 3v3 feels pretty boring after just a few games. 3v3 needs it's own maps and not just the tiny 2v2 ones.
  4. Assigned Team: Stonefall Original home shard: Deso WvW Guild selected: Gathering of Imposters [SUS] Placed on Stonefall instead of Fortune's Vale (or even Titan's Staircase, where my other guild is).
  5. It doesn't, because there aren't enough players in the queue 95% of the day for it to form even teams. It was bad back in the early seasons, but it's really, really, really bad now.
  6. Ranking is bad because the population is too small for the matchmaking system to work. This results in lopsided games that make the population drop further. The game mode isn't on life support - it's already dead.
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