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  1. Two ("three") Betas in the bag, and now we know a bit more what teams can be like. But have we really stopped to ever consider why Alliances is necessary? It's been so long, do we even remember why? Or have we just all been married to a memo that someone at ANet wrote 5 years ago and, well, dangit, that memo was written and shown to people so we just have to live up to it...somehow? I've got to tell you, I just do nightly WvW for the fun and the fights and I have loved every minute of it through all these years. And I'm not really saying we MUST be on Servers either because "great time
  2. It's mutant Mag, all for the preservation of ANet's baby. We see through you!
  3. Free server transfers for everyone! 😛 Thanks for the update. I'm excited to do the Beta though, so please hurry.
  4. well, we are married to a 4 year old memo. we can't change it now! lolz.
  5. Sounds like a way for the guilds to wag their swords at each other without leaving their servers.
  6. We see your concerns about Firebrands taking over the world. *nerfs Revenant*
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