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  1. Of course I don't, that's why the quotes exist. I talk to anybody who comes in and challenges my ideas, because why wouldn't I, which usually means many people and, therefore, many ideas at once, especially with so many virtue lighthouses around who don't have much to say except "Burn, heretic!" You know, they might not be exactly creative in their assaults, but I just can't let them all down in the same way. Call it a character quirk. But such people wouldn't be able to look me straight in the eyes due to those gnarled spines, so there's no real and lasting impression left, even if they w
  2. But... why not both? Why would You voice just a total obliteration - or deportation - of those entertained by something else than You? What would be keeping ANet from putting the lowest amount of effort to add, say, a different pair of horns to the newest skyscale skin and put it as a reward for something specific, like the DRM challenge mode achievs, or even a brand new challenge mode for the CMs, say, a 100% healing reduction? A simple instance-wide aura, and everything else could be kept the same, sans, perhaps, a thing against WP shenanigans, turning those to Contested as long as the b
  3. You know, considering how easy the game is, I can't with clean conscience argue against the "good" and "appropriate" rewards; we're required to do nothing else than press two buttons, it's totally fitting that the prize for such a glorious achievement hasn't even read about quality being described, not to think of possessing any. I've explained everything before. One more time won't make any more difference, will it? Shikashi... The black-and-white mindset, the blind trust to the overlords' grand plan, the absolute unwillingness to even consider questioning anything, the visceral avers
  4. Where do I put the Gem Store stuff? It's enlightening, I just have no clue how it fits anything I've said in the quoted post. Blizz learned that through the absurd success that was The Burning Crusade AND the golden age of WoW - Wrath of the Lich King? Or You mean the flop Cataclysm was, because Blizz nerfed it to the ground so people don't feel like they have to play the game? Pandas were decent, as I've heard, but then Dailylords of Draenor hit all the "sweet" spots, with Legion being praised to high Argus again. Haven't heard many positive things about BfA or Shadowlands, even from Bellu
  5. No, I admit what I said: putting GW2 in its current state behind a monthly fee wouldn't accomplish anything. But that's been said by Aodlop in the very first post already: "I just wish more rewards were unlockable in game. Sadly, this can't happen with their current business model, and to me that's a shame." We're talking about in-game rewards, their quality when compared to the Gem Store stuff, philosophy behind everything involved... And I keep saying that the subscription model gets dragged into it just because people come in, don't read a single other post - apparently not even the
  6. Hah, I wish. Perhaps - perhaps! - if it's been here from the very beginning, but at this point it would do naught but decimate the playerbase. I'm sure there are people who'd conclude GW2 is worth a sub fee even in the current state, but I can't imagine they're numerous enough to carry the game through basically starting anew. Who knows? With better advertisement, better rewards, fixed everything... Even if ANet were willing to take such a leap of faith, NCSoft would cut them short in an instant.
  7. The singular best and the worst thing about ideas is that they very easily spark other ideas, and trying to respond to each and the amount even after merely a few breaths devoted to their exponential growth is wondrously incomprehensible. It's not unlike trying to point out "which" of the wind's currents is currently fighting one's chest, and putting an open palm in front of oneself to catch it effortlessly spawns six other flows in a most elegant display of defiance against such a pursuit. A grin in appreciation. Feels better than finally completing Pharus. As for catching at least the
  8. Heh. You happen to know Ayrilana, per chance? Virtually same taste in shoes. It's almost haunting! But since this isn't going anywhere, here's a recap, from my point of view: This isn't a thread defending the subscription model. This thread is about how poorly rewarded actual gameplay in GW2 is, and the wish ANet would implement rewards with quality rivaling the Gem Store items into said actual gameplay. The only reason a sub model even gets a say in this is simply because games with a sub model have such rewards. Do they also have a cash shop? Why wouldn't they. But that's utterl
  9. Did I say it's bad? I was responding to Kharmin who literally said "I'm sure that Anet has professionals in marketing and finance who study the industry and can help guide the direction of the company for the most financial gain for their shareholders." I even agreed. Sure, ANet nowadays are far from trailblazers in any respect, but that's their choice, be it their own, or by proxy of NCSoft. The point I - and the rest of those who actually happen to read more than the most up-voted comments - am stating is that the gameplay isn't rewarded, not that I feel too wealthy and want to stea
  10. Yeah, I'm not pretending I know a thing about marketing, or that ANet don't. But judging by the stuff they're putting into the game, it seems like they're not going for "the most" financial gain, but for "good enough". Feels like either NCSoft or ANet - or both - have no aspirations for the future beyond End of Dragons, at least not for this particular game, which, of course, could be explained by the active development, but it's not like the Gem Store looks affected. I'd love to be wrong. But I won't shed any tears if I'm not.
  11. I'll give You, say, 42 Mystic Coins if there isn't an idea of mine in this very thread that explains my stance about something from Your ante-nap post. Fastest gold in the west, granted You have a backbone, and You might even learn something! Got a screenshot of the post, though, don't worry. There can only be one 'Lana in my life. But I'm a thief main, so here's a shady cheat to help Your endeavors. Happy hunting!
  12. There's a tracker at the top of the page showing that I have 42 (43) posts here. You're also jumping into the middle of a conversation You've no idea the context of. I'll go take a nap, You read a bit (of those 15 pages), and we can get to it come morrow, alright?
  13. But this only works if ANet were omniscient, because, since they're not even trying anything new, they'd be required to already know all the possible outcomes to every possible choice they could make, which is, as far as I'm aware, currently impossible even for the best computers in existence. Have You ever tried rebelling against anything? Especially against rules. Say, write a letter in a different way than it is supposed to be written? Yes, ANet made a game, and a rather beautiful one at that, but they don't have a monopoly on ideas that were shown to work. There might not be a guarant
  14. I'm honestly just curious at what point our perspectives separate, because I do agree with basically all the ideas You've put into words so far. Does a sub fee guarantee the game's going to favor the player? Of course not. People are always just people, and Blizzard's WoW is the prime example of both the best and the worst this model can be. Does a change of mindset help with grinding not feeling tedious? Sure. Question is whether players should be required by the game to be in a state of high zen to even enjoy it. Then there was the "subs make stuff come out faster" arc, which... what am I
  15. To condemn to a punishment or fate; especially to condemn to hell. I was really hoping we were just misunderstanding each other - different mother language, different starting perspective, that sort of thing. Alas, it seems like You've already set Your mind and there's no argument good enough to change it, especially considering You decided to ignore all of my explanations, and such a simple question as why would Aodlop's idea be in any way bad twice now. Ah, well. C'est la vie. Still... To condemn to a punishment or fate; especially to condemn to hell.
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