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  1. I never did like the stacking on top of each other gameplay of large-scale WvW.
  2. Most of this is cringe cherry-picking behavior. Ele main complaining by the way. I'm not sure what you're smoking, Scrapper hasn't had perma Superspeed in WvW for years. You're grasping at straws out of spite to troll. Holosmith doesn't have excess quickness and you know it, and Reaper has some of the slowest cast times in the game so Quickness access is fair compensation. As for Scrapper, that class can be redesigned from the ground up for all I care, I never liked it. Again, you're being spitefully selective for no reason and it's freaking annoying. Nobody complains about "excess low CD CC" on Holosmith or Scrapper, it's not a thing. As for Reaper, I wasn't aware that 25-40-second cooldowns counted as low in your book. No mention of Warrior or Druid at all, as expected. I didn't mention anything about excess damage, condition, or otherwise because it would apply to virtually every class in the game. If I did, Harbinger would probably be near the top of the list and Scrapper would be mid if it was on it at all. Again with the permanent Superspeed nonsense? I'd have to do some personal research on nade about face spam before I decide. Me defending Elixir of Ambition? Delusional. I play Reaper, not Harbinger. I think Chill ought to be 33% reduced movement speed and cooldown reduction tbh. Harbinger has virtually no chill at all, stop talking about things you're clueless about. Seems like a reach, current sustain levels are still pretty degen so I'm inclined to say it's a non-issue. I'd have to think about it. If it's overperforming because of a degen mechanic. Sure.
  3. Neither of those is overperforming in WvW atm. I won't pretend they're on the level of thief and most EoD specs in WvW.
  4. I've fought condi Druids before, even a small Stealth can be incredibly kitten since it almost guarantees the ability to juke your opponents and resustain when coupled with burst mobility. Star Craft 2 has the best implementation of Stealth I've seen so far.
  5. They are plenty impactful, even if you aren't playing a Warrior. If you are it's a guaranteed loss condition. I will concede that Blind spam is probably only a serious issue on p/p Thief since it has a 100% chance to apply Blind while attacking if it's standing in a smoke field. Combine that with the unblockable blind from Black Powder and you have a degen build. Also, the 15x activation is something I take issue with because it makes limited access to Blind and Aegis completely useless. I could probably put Evade spam on that list, to be honest.
  6. Permanent/pulsing Stability: Catalyst and Willbender. Permanent/pulsing Aegis: Willbender and Bladesworn. Permanent reflect: Bladesworn. Blind spam: Thief and Flashbang Engineers. Weakness spam: Harbinger. Distortion spam: Virtuoso. Pulsing daze/cc: Dagger Mirage and Harbinger. GW2 implementation of Stealth. Chill: Excess movement speed reduction and skill cooldown reduction. Excessive access to Teleports/Shadowsteps: Willbender and Thief. Excessive access to instant cast skills: Chronomancer. Excessive access to unblockable attacks: Virtuoso. Excessive access to multi-hitting attacks: Willbender, Catalyst, P/P Thief. Excessive sustain.
  7. It would be nice if Roiling Skies were a flip-over ripost skill. Zero defensive skills is rough.
  8. The playerbase isn't big enough for that.
  9. Can we talk about the range? 130 on the auto attack for a spear? Did my guy break off the haft and use the tip like a knife or something?
  10. I have yet to land a 5 skill on a moving target.
  11. I hate being forced to run rocketboots. Engineer should not be balanced around them. Compared to what exactly? A weapon set with no mobility? Sure, but when you're fighting theives and willbenders you might as well log out
  12. Mobility and defensives are lacking, so you'll never see it used in a competitive environment. Skills are far too slow, never going to use it if they're not changed. It's not a hammer guys.
  13. My main issue with this addition is losing our massive self-sustain trait Emergency Elixir.
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