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  1. thats just people confused at why the guardian damage ratios still make no sense
  2. well I used the rifle and the game seems fine, you get to machine gun so well with the scrapper quickness, I think the haters are just jealous that we got a cool new-old weapon.
  3. whats so bad about that, we engineer players have had crit in our condi line since the release of the game basically
  4. oh come on, it's not that bad, just use moa stance
  5. but you're the one who brought up other games and devs ignoring everyone but the classes they played... what is even going on anymore.
  6. hmmm well I wouldn't really say that mechanist is "dark" green...
  7. well that's not true for other games, just look at WoW and how garbage the frost death knight development has been over the past 10 years, where removing one passive would fix the whole class yet is somehow still in that game to this day after being universally hated by everyone who actually played the class. But anyway, people have wanted a rifle update for a while, and guess what we are getting? a rifle update. How is that ignoring the playerbase?
  8. well yeah, that's why the players are there, to tell them what the classes the devs don't play need.
  9. I don't really think that thread makes sense, after all they claim the rifle changes were small when they are in fact huge, the auto attack alone drastically changes the entire potential of the weapon nevermind it's potential for might gameplay and what sounds like a smoother rocket jump. I believe that thread is just someone ranting about some of the silly things in the game being simplified into the existing boon system as they should have been.
  10. They seem to be doing alot of good things in the patch, like updating the engineer rifle into a might monster and making aim assisted rocket actually useful again. I don't know what people are complaining about.
  11. This vote is flawed since there is multiple ways to use kits, someone may like to play with 1 kit and not 3 kits but your question only poses kits in general which would not accurately describe how people feel. I like to play with 1 or 0 kits, the single kit being the fun and defining point of the build when present. multiple kits rather just undermines the point in kits since you just swap out, use one button then swap out which is weird and like not having kits anyway as opposed to just an additional utility button.
  12. maybe they are gonna remove kits and make them into base weapons, guardian purifier elite with even more nonsensical damage ratios incoming.
  13. You are thinking too linearly, if the rifle works the way i think it does from the description then this also changes the interaction of sanguine array with the rifle substantially, making it more likely to generate bleeds with multiple hits and therefore might and just generally widens the build paths, you could easily get a might pumping firearms build now with the rifle which is made even more possible with rifle AA triggering short fuse for passive fury tho somewhat making no scope a bit redundant but whatever, fix that later. This is also fully available to core engineers for
  14. I really think they need to let you CC during all invulns just so there is actual counter play to them rather than the game just stopping altogether, like if you overcharge shot into an ele's wind or magnetic shield it should end the effect immediately and launch them.
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