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  1. You're thinking of "time gating." "Time sinks" are anything that is designed to add time investment to achieve a goal. Making the player collect 2,000 widgets to advance a quest chain is a time sink. Only allowing the player to collect 20 per day is time gating.
  2. MMO grinds are always very divisive: The people who treat MMO accomplishments as a proxy for life accomplishments get upset over anyone else having an "easier" path than they did. People who just play for fun bristle at artificial time sinks. It's almost impossible to get agreements on these discussions.
  3. Not quite nerfed far enough, but a good start. Ideally we'd see scepter buffed and staff nerfed in damage but given more support to be an explicitly support weapon.
  4. HoT is much easier with mounts (especially the springer - I have yet to get the flying mounts), but way more fun without mounts the first time. It involves spacial problem solving and exploration in a way that other MMOs do not. Mounts and masteries also provide progression between "the numbers on my pants go up; yay."
  5. This forum software is better than every other forum that I have used - it's light years ahead of my other communities.
  6. 75% - 3 Stars Wonderful world exploration and leveling marred by weak instanced combat mechanics and blob WvW.
  7. That is not the DX12PXY box, but some sort of other overlay. Also I was mistaken; the key combo is alt ctrl N
  8. I don't see a screenshot, but do you mean the DX12pxy popup? Ctrl + Shift + N, I believe.
  9. ANet isn't going to do additional development for all six people who play GW2 on Linux. 😆 Go grind your axe somewhere else.
  10. GW2 has mechanics that include a lot of constant AoE buffs and heals instead of the careful targeted spells of other games. This results in an organized playstyle that encourages stacking together. The developers also love skills that are an AoE around the player, meaning that even ranged weapons are often better used up close for maximum PvE damage (e.g. Weaver Staff). Because skills are linked to weapons and there is weapon switching, a ranged approach would also require two good ranged weapons to be viable, but many classes don't have two strong ranged weapons to choose from. If they're
  11. I've been doing T4 every day as Chrono STM, which is also not meta. Maybe speed runs or CMs are more restrictive, but T4 PUGs appear to be "show up and don't stand in the fire."
  12. The game seems to favor melee for every spec so far, and the game's weird buffing mechanics mean that stacking in melee happens for organized content even with ranged classes. That said, you don't have to be optimal to beat content and can probably have fun at range doing your thing.
  13. I'll test CMs soon, but "undesirable" in T4 hasn't stopped me from getting groups every day and completing the daily rotation for T4s. It turns out class is less important than being a person that shows up, puts in effort, and doesn't stand in the fire (most of the time). And if this somehow doesn't work, I guess I'll try Weaver again. People confuse "not the absolutely very best" with "you'll never get a group and NPCs will spit on you."
  14. That is balance. (Damage + Buffs) being better at damage than just (Damage) is bad balance. This is obvious. Damage + Buffs + Faceroll being better at damage than just Damage is worse balance.
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