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  1. And of course, I'm sure this guy uses Facebook, buys stuff on Amazon, searches using Google, sends information using gmail or a similar service, uses the internet without a proxy, etc. A smidgen of technical literacy is worse than none at all... Aside from Win10's "phone home" features all being optional, of course. And yes, Linux on the Desktop will catch on any day year decade century, now. The audience on this board probably skews younger, but I remember a buddy ranting that Linux would displace Windows on the desktop...20 years ago? It turns out that most people
  2. I would like to see Tempest put out competitive PVE damage without Fresh Air or conjured weapons, as both feel clumsy. I love the elementalist aesthetic, but the mechanics just feel very convoluted compared to say Chrono (which itself has some clunky elements).
  3. I wonder what % of the playerbase completed this jumping puzzle? ...without ports? ...or add-on assistance? It probably doesn't make a ton of sense to craft content for a tiny % of the playerbase.
  4. Why Cinebench? Just ease of benchmarking? I could use a faster CPU, but have no desire to rebuild at this time. The point is that a 2012 MMO shouldn't need nearly decade-later tech to run at an acceptable level. I should try DXVK but honestly don't feel like putting the time in after getting d912pxy working.
  5. 7700K and a 1080Ti. More graphically challenging games maintain a higher frame rate, including other MMOs.
  6. Even with D912PXY, performance is way too low for my hardware.
  7. Agreed 100%, but ArenaNet doesn't have the staffing to completely overhaul the game, and the community would cry bloody murder. At least at launch boons required some effort with blasting fields and such. "Pile up in a blob" is the worst style of play to encourage, yet that's the reality in WvW and many forms of PvE.
  8. People wanting to play GW2 aren't going to be running a Pentium 2. "probably wouldn't even install to" is you just making something up. I stuck Win10 on my old netbook from 2009 with AMD's ultra low power cores, a slow HDD, minimal RAM, etc. And it worked fine. That system isn't relevant today, let alone anything even more ancient. I've been hearing people tell me that Linux on the Desktop will catch on for over 15 years now, but it turns out that the vast majority of people are happy to pay $100 to avoid it.
  9. The Steam results are skewed by Net Cafes in developing countries that use pirated older versions of Windows. This creates wonky results. I mean, the last Steam Survey showed that Win 10 went down 2.5% and Win 7 went up 2.9%. Do you think that a bunch of people went out and traded in their Win 10 systems for Win 7 or bought new Win 7 machines? No, some free game became popular in developing countries and they logged a bunch of pirated machines onto Steam.
  10. No, because no one cares about the six Win7 holdouts in 2021. They deserve whatever virus-infested experience they get, and no company is going to cater to them.
  11. This makes zero sense. No one should be running Win7 in 2021, Win10 was a free upgrade, and people have had years to buy a Win10 key if they somehow could not upgrade.
  12. DX12 support came out seven years ago, withe the Geforce 900 series. It's unlikely that many players are using older GPUs, and if they are no DX update is going to make the game play well at modern resolutions.
  13. This is all great news for me. I need more time to catch up on content, and the DX11 implementation could fix one of my biggest gripes with the game!
  14. Our whining paid off, everyone! https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/arenanet-studio-update-july-2021/
  15. I mean, without functioning DPS meters theorycrafting was much more difficult. If I recall back to that time speedrunning was more about skipping trash and overcoming geometry than burning large-hp bosses. I guess I see the condition cap as a "fix" not power creep. Will concede on some of the other buffs. As a counter-point, players still struggle to compete T1 Fractals. But people who care to learn find them trivial.
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