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  1. Oh I'm not talking about the 5v5 PvP arena. It's pretty poorly designed imo and brings mainly frustration because of random teammates. I am advising to focus more on the development of PvP in general and especially 1v1 PvP. 1v1 PvP is true PvP, everything else stems from 1v1.
  2. It was just an assumption I made, because I seen a bunch of people commenting against PvP; because I don't see how anyone in their right mind would be against PvP, unless they straight up don't care because they barely play the game anyway, and are just randomly commenting for the hell of it.
  3. PvP is the one true content that never gets old because every fight is unique. Focus development on PvP and the game will prosper. The combat in this game is absolutely brilliant. 1v1 PvP is the most important, because at the end of the day every human has his own solo consciousness. And whoever is against PvP is probably a casual player who barely plays the game. However casual players aren't the ones who keep the game alive and breathing; and you casual players who are against PvP should really think deeper if you truly love this game and wish long term health for it.
  4. Of coarse we would man. And 1v1 too. PvP is the type of content that never gets old and the sooner ANET realizes it, the more longer this amazing game will live.
  5. I was told ranger is more mobile that thief, is this true?
  6. That would be the dream bro 😀 PvP is pretty much unlimited content because it's always new, exciting and unpredictable. I wish ANET saw what we see 🤷‍♀️
  7. I AM CONFUSION Lol he had a good point, I just edited my post so his response looks wierd now, but he was right initially lol
  8. Yeah I just realized LMFAO. I completely forgot that dancing dagger is shared with all builds that use offhand dagger. Sorry for being a jerk on the other post to you Ragnar, I thought you just came in to attack me and start arguments. I completely forgot that every build that uses off-hand dagger would get another gap closer too.
  9. Surprised you guys don't see how a gap closer is the missing piece to the puzzle. Maybe you haven't fully read my post? Can't get any more logical or simpler than a gap closer.
  10. Yeah I edited the topic, idk what got into me but for some reason I completely forgot that dancing dagger is shared between all offhand dagger builds xD
  11. That was hella toxic, and I figured it out already. And my suggestion is brilliant, if you took a couple minutes to read it you would think I'm a genius. Now if you're just here to start drama, this forum isn't the place for that, if you haven't learned it yet.
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