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  1. Hi all, With the return of living world seasons, I'm playing my alts to catch-up the story and get all the achievements I can. The problem is, except my main (guardian firebrand with berserker stats), I didn't take time to gear my alts correctly, and that's why I am here. I mostly do solo PVE content. I use my main to make fractals or other "advanced" stuff, but the majority of time I'm around the world doing metas, achievements, etc. That's why I'm mainly looking for "solo" builds (but if this build is also strong for other content, perfect). My big problem
  2. Hi all! EU player here looking for a group to do the "Migraine" achievement, it's in the last story step of Hearth of Thorns expansion. Thanks all 🙂
  3. Thank you so much :) Hopefully we get more people, as in theory we need to be 5 ^^ But I will contact you in-game, sure!
  4. Hi all!I'm trying to do the achievement "Migraine" (Hearts and Minds, Act 4, Heart of Thorns), but it is one of that achievements that can't be soloable (requires 5 people).So I'm here to ask for your help. I play on EU servers. If any of you don't have the achievement or can help me we can decide a day to do the run.Thanks in advance ;)
  5. I think this bug can stay here xD I completed 5 Snowden Drifts with CMs as it was my last achievement for DRM, otherwise I would never have unlocked it! You really should make all DRM more balanced and I really expect nex chapter of the story is going to bring a new map and not more DRMs....
  6. Then I suppose I will go Condi, as for doing events or bosses I will probably not one-shot them. And for which stats are better I will see depending on if I die or not.
  7. Hey guys! I am thinking about going forward with and alt that is strong for PVE solo content. One of my options is making a ranger, as I understood it is a good class for solo content. But... do you think it is strong? Is there any "better"? In the case you recommend me going forward with ranger, then what build should I take? As I say, it's just for solo pve world content, my main is already strong for other type of content Thanks a lot :)
  8. Hey guys! I just reached max level with my second character and choosed necro mostly to solo content (pve events, achievements, etc.). For now, I was thinking on going with a Condi Scourge build, as I read that it's the "better" build for solo pve content. But before starting to equip my character and all, I want to know your opinion: Which is the best build to solo pve content ? Mostly I'm looking for a guide and above all which set and which stats i'm looking for! Thanks in advance :)
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