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  1. I've been playing ranked pvp, usually 3 matches a day, currently playing either Bladesworn or power Berserker, but I'm only gold ranked so this is just based off my limited, low-level observation. I'm in agreement with Felix, warrior's lack of survivability from getting sudden 2 or 3 player ganked is the real problem. It's easily underestimated, the value of a true 'escape' or 'invulnerable' ability, but it's the only mechanic that really allows for yolo builds, something very hard to make work on warrior. In terms of offense, it's the reliance on hard cc combined with the required 'bu
  2. Ah, yeah Accretia was the coolest for sure. I mistakenly chose Cora for the elven booba, a moment of weakness...
  3. Hmm.. Ragnarok Online, RF Online, Lineage II, Anarchy Online, Guild Wars 1 (up until Nightfall only), City of Heroes, Champions Online, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2 for a very short time then back to WoW, drama-drama-drama, quit MMORPGs in general for many years, full of disappointment and regret, then now Guild Wars 2 again but solo only.
  4. 6th: Gain 3s of stealth and superspeed when you use the last ammo from an ammo skill O.O
  5. I've been playing a bit of Bladesworn in ranked and WB in unranked. I think the best full Dragonslash I got in pvp was a 9k crit on a mesmer , meanwhile my Willbender spams 5-6k crits back to back to back. Also on bladesworn, it's kinda sad being so impotent at the start of a fight, auto attacking people, just luring them to spike me, saving skills for when it's really worth to dive in or to run away, and building up flow, while my willbender gets to be a fkng F-18. I'm not hating on willbender, I like fighting them and playing as one, maybe they get nerfed I dunno. I'm just
  6. Absolutely. Also, these new willbenders dive bombing into radzones in spvp taking out 1-2 people, thinking they're hot kitten, won't last 5 seconds playing as a warrior. Yesterday nearly all my ranked games, 2 willies on my team, 2 willies on enemy team f f s.
  7. Bladesworn is the LI build for warrior, at least, from what I've seen and personally tested on golem. it's at like 30k dps that focuses on dragonslash, axe5 and axe auto. Basically DragonSlash always, axe5 when it's up, then just auto (do nothing) while waiting for DT cooldown. It's all signets too, IIRC, though I don't actually use the build.
  8. I believe you sneak in a Cyclone Trigger in there because it will actually cast even if you immediately swap back to Axe/Pistol, also maybe to keep Fierce as Fire stacks up. Artillery Slash and Blooming Fire get cancelled when you swap. I only tested bsworn rotation only a little bit on golem, though. Best thing you can do is do the testing yourself on golem.
  9. Berserker should be fine for solo Open World. Once you begin to understand the flow of warrior combat (if you stick around with warrior), even the squishy Non-banner raid build in Thief Runes will roll through any OW content no problem. Looking at the metabattle build, I'd say, go for Brave Stride and Might makes Right in Strength. Go with Axe Mastery in Discipline. Don't use Scholar Runes in solo. Your crit-rate is gonna be crap. I'd suggest Rune of Eagle or Rune of the Pack. Crit Rate is everything, you want to be slamming Decapitate on every single mob as much as you can.
  10. I got back to sPvP (unranked) past couple of days, it's been rough but I'm getting the hang of it again. I started with non-shout builds, but yeah, shouts are the only way to go. Still deciding between Discipline vs Strength. Feedback: PLEASE MAKE BREAKSTEP DIRECTIONAL... PLEASE MAKE BREAKSTEP DIRECTIONAL... PLEASE MAKE BREAKSTEP DIRECTIONAL.. Just do it please, just like WB F2 or GS Whirlwind. Make us agile please. (De-targeting is a clunky mess) Also, been using dragonspike mine as replacement for Bulls Charge alongside SiO and FGJ, I kinda like
  11. I've been on pugs that either go Mech first or Sniper first, but that part really depends on team cohesion and commander leadership, either worked fine. Personally, I agree and like Mech first because it's simpler. Going Sniper first gets newbies scattered and panicking/self-survival, mech first means nicely stacked group with boons and healing.
  12. Maybe simpler to just change the profession name from Warrior to Wretch, like in Elden Ring, set the right expectations for newcomers. We be playing a Souls game, farming "You Died" against godlike specs 😄
  13. I disagree with the posted video of Enforcer-Mindblade-Ritualist. Playing with randoms always, usually with newbie saddle-aspirers, Ritualist-Mindblade-Enforcer has been the most consistent. Enforcer moves around a lot and you'll have much faster time downing Ritualist, or even Mindblade. The I-II-III mechanic isn't immediately obvious to absolute beginners and can down a whole bunch of players. Ideally the players with numbers would go to one corner quadrant, while the rest of the team on the opposite quadrant. The projectile slash can simply be avoided by running side to side (left-
  14. Don't do it, that build was from the beta bladesworn and no longer works. If you want to just play around with a bladesworn with no gear investment, but with good sustain and a 100% crit Dragon Slash, you'll have to go Shout/Tactics-Arms Bladesworn. The damage on the Dragon Slash isn't the best, will hit for around 60k, but you'll be able to solo champs if you understand what you're doing (know how to cycle through combat stim, shout heals, sources of aegis on pistol 4 and Dragon Trigger 4, and tactical reload to keep your self topped up). The thing with bladesworn is you can jus
  15. I'd love to see all the bladesworn aegis turn to evade instead, the distortion effect would look so cool and thematic!
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