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  1. I think the fun for me and why I can only really play warrior is because it's much like a fighting game. You have to put pressure, bait your enemy, read their moves. I feel this way for how warrior gain its buffs and its moment to moment advantages. Not so much the same with some other classes that play like a typical MMO, you go through the rotations, vomit your goodies, win or at least put pressure. It's why that kind of interaction feels very frustrating to warriors sometimes, at least to me. It's pointless to suggest at this point, but if each profession had to jump through the same hoops to earn their wins, it would have been more fun for me. EDIT: I know that at this point of class design, it can't be helped anymore, but I think once all classes including warrior simply start spreading and vomiting all the sh.t, I dunno...
  2. As a power Berserker and Bladesworn enjoyer, none of these changes are any good. I can imagine condi zerkers finding some good stuff, they especially like playing awfully defensive. Not for pBerskerer though, lest I be hitting like a wet noodle.
  3. Yeah! this is why I can't quite quit berserker PvP also (though I don't play much lately). Like you said, it doesn't always work, and every other warrior seems to have moved on to a more technical Spellbreaker, but the sheer joy of just being a wrecking ball/IDGAF sort of berserker is where how I get that pvp itch scratched.
  4. Yeah, that's unfortunate. I've never been in a very try hard group before to know for sure, but I've never been kicked, yet, and clearing content w/o problem with a more casual group. It's also disheartening to consider that most 'content creators' think that 'the meta has never been in such a good place' or 'warrior is in such a good place now, every spec has a good build blah blah' and most of the loudest issues of concern currently are regarding poor firebrand and their rework and such... ya know, like 'just play condi, it's so good on berserker'. I just... ugh.. we're probably set like this for quite a while.
  5. Not so sure how you get kicked from a group for doing "sub optimal" dps, I think pBerserker is more than capable. Usually, I end up right below the true meta DPS builds, around 1-2k lower dps (like if the top dps is around 25-26k, I'm around 23-24k), but that's still more than acceptable dps in terms of rolling through content. The sad part about pBerserker for me is the fact that, in order to keep up, you have absolutely no utility, you have all these cool traits that can do so many things, but you have to pick nothing but DPS boosting only traits, signets-only and berserk boosting/enabling utilities only. You're suppose to do nothing else but DPS, and end up being, I'd say around a B+ tier dps profession. A Bladesworn or Power SpB will be better DPS than you and have a bit more utility than you as well.
  6. don't worry fam, I gotchu. ok it's a speedart i made, i'll take it down if it's too much.
  7. I know there are many vets here are fans of spellbreaker but please, don't pidgeon-hole power builds to it. I doze off playing spb, like I do guardian, I don't know why.. Only aggressive berserker and one-man fourth of july bladesworn gameplay get me engaged. I like explosive combat, and spb combat sound like scissors at a salon. I've been practicing spb dps rotation, and the more I play it the more I get bored. So please fix this, and also please don't neglect power Berserker, my number 1 pick.
  8. Assuming you're using standard raid-like build bladesworn... just shut off your brain, tag a badguy to get you into flowy state, then start to press all the keys in your utility including heal skill, except dragonspike mine, also fire off pistol 5. once all keys pressed, pistol 5 fired off, get into stance and dragondelete everything in openworld. Dragonspike mine to reset, then press whatever utility keys are available, then get into stance and dragondelete a 2nd time. Look at arcdps and feel good about yourself.
  9. ooh, srsly, skimpy scale armor got me back from break hahaha... a little late to the party as usual, but here's my waifu (don't judge) Raging Sigrid! edit: I wasn't actually planning to come back this soon. I would lurk here a bit and look at patch notes for berserker, and I was like, yeah nah.. Then @Lan Deathrider.5910 made this thread and I was like, kitten I got to get on! more edit: Also lastly, I was in PvP lobby doing a few matches, when suddenly approached by a Goddess of the Arena. I pretended not to know anything, and simply said thanks, but is that THEM? I watch their WvW/PVP montage all the time, I think they're great! XD
  10. Yeah, I was watching that same Boyce stream. I'm a mediocre pvp-er by comparison but, just wanna say, felt validated when he said (paraphrasing) "where's the fxkin damage" while he was playing P-Berserker. He also admitted he hasn't played P-Berserker in a while, so must've surprised him how bad it really is. I've been saying that weeks ago. Some folks here discussing how we should be fine with just a sprinkle of resistance/protection here and there, and I was like, nah, we seriously, SERIOUSLY need damage for the amount of inherent disadvantages we have to play around with. Our telegraphed attacks need to be prepped with feints to land. Our dive, escape and survival options need to be planned out 5 moves ahead of other classes. There has to be pay-off somewhere. Nothing significant has changed with how my P-Berserker plays now in sPVP after the 'warrior buffs patch'.
  11. Just speaking from just my own personal spvp playstyle, I think SiO change might, theoretically, be more of a buff for me. I still remember when I was totally trash, I would burn my SiO constantly, but the better I got, the better I'm able to manage and cycle through all the different available condi cleanses, so the upcoming reduced overall cooldown of SiO, plus the increased availability of resistance, I think, at least theoretically, makes that cleanse management better overall. At least in my head it looks that way, no way to tell until I play it, of course.
  12. I'll still be playing my standard glass STR/Disc/Berserker build in sPVP. I typically run Axe/axe GS, also Bull's Charge and Stomp, and, soon, having bursts of quickness + swiftness from those cc's will be pretty nice. Overall sustained DPS got nerfed, but having those pockets of quickness could make up for it. Passive Resistance triggers will also help out for not getting so easily interrupted. Having our burst back outside of Berserk mode is also great. There's a lot of mind games involved in holding off Berserk mode after a headbutt, making your target prematurely burn defensives, etc.. having the ability to put more pressure outside of Berserk is gonna be nice. Exploding at the right moment into Berserk mode also pays off more now, with the added buffs to entering the mode. Resistance + 2 second Blood Reck makes it quite a formidable offensive or counter-offensive mode upon entry, I can imagine, and I'm rather excited for it.
  13. I personally rather not want another attrition warrior (bladesworn, core, spellbreaker). If we get passive triggered resistance here and there I won't mind, but, I'd rather that if I have to work hard for my burst window, wade through all the condi crap, it better be worth instead.
  14. @Styopa.2538 About Flow: Unlike Adrenaline, Flow goes up as long as you are in combat, hitting things won't make it faster. In order for Flow to boost faster, you need to use Flow boosting skills and trigger Flow boosting traits. In PvE, this means, you can tag a mob to enter combat (like with an axe throw), activate all your Flow boosting skills, and pretty much start the fight with an immediate max charged Dragon Slash (in Open World, this will usually delete at least all non-elites it hits). About Bullets: When you enter Dragon Trigger Stance (the skill bar that lets you Dragon Slash) the Bladesworn can load up to 10 bullets to their Gunsaber, but in order to do so, they need to have flow. Running out of flow while in this stance means you stop loading bullets to your Gunsaber. The more bullets you load, the more powerful your Dragon Slash hits for. You do not need to be using the Gunsaber to enter Dragon Trigger Stance. You also do not need to have max Flow bar to load 10 bullets into your Gunsaber. As long as you have high Flow generation, meaning you used Flow boosting skills, so now your Flow bar goes up very fast, you can enter Dragon Trigger Stance sooner and load up to 10 bullets for maximum Dragon Slash damage.
  15. @Ashura.5682Yeah that's the spirit! If you go over to the Community Corner > Looking For Guild here on the forums, there are a number of PvX guild looking for new members. You can also post a topic there of what type of guild you're looking for, and you'll get a bunch of replies from guilds.
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