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  1. I think there will be some reveals this month on the 9th Anniversary stream.
  2. It simply means raids don't concern most of the players, but story and open world exploration do. So raids don't generate money.
  3. I'd rather hope they would work on easy mode for every raid, rather than creating new. this would certainly attract new players to join raids and experience their amazing story.
  4. I hope the community will be given all the reasons to be sure that GW2 may be reborn, as Teapot hopes too. Everyone does wish GW2 the best, hope they deliver.
  5. You will be able to re-watch it anytime 😄 and there will be many posts on Reddit and Forums that day, and possibly a lengthy blog post on GW2's official site. 🙂
  6. I loved it 🙂 Always cool to read behind-the-scenes stuff!
  7. Hello fellow nerds and those who like music and art 🙂 I compiled fragments of 17 tracks which I thought have the best motives in the Saga's music. I tried to make fitting transitions to keep the constant flow of music in a meaningful way. 🙂 Of course it was extremely hard to pick "favourites" and that's why I chose this format over "TOP 10", besides I know many of you have listened to each track many times - either in game or on Soundcloud or Youtube, so that's why it's a mashup - something original GW2 has never had before, until now. 🙂 I hope you will enjoy it, as I enjoyed
  8. People overreacting over a single - It's more grammatically correct than offline, so deal with it. 🤓
  9. well, in raids and strike missions the commander can't kick during fights, though. And also it's just for organization purposes, I don't want the party commander to have unlimited powers.
  10. I'd love it to be a cool QoL feature, because I feel like content like Fractals should have a leader role that would allow them or lieutenants to e.g. mark places to stack up.It would be useful in DRMs, Dungeons, wvw party play too, or even Tournament matches in PvP.
  11. I want to see the most that people actually love this expansion in majority and so GW2's development continues - of course it's up to Anet if EoD delivers a great content and features...
  12. So basically what I'm getting from this poll is that over 75% of those who voted is unhappy with Champions. In few months after Saga ends, there should be a poll that asks if maybe after the finale, you might have actually liked it... Anyways, that unhappiness should be a signal for developers that something may not be right, but over 100 votes is no indicator that Champions suck for majority of players.
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