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  1. supply and stealth traps disappears when you switch templates
  2. Hmmm wiki shows a half second activation and no cooldown for first grenade skill in the kit and after watching an engi continuously fire grenades at a trebber I can attest that it has no cooldown. Pretty sure i wasnt halluc, and engi had no skill on him like alac to speed it up
  3. But still the elite continue to play because GW2 is the best out there. These arguments seem mostly to stem from mmg (make me gud) attitude whenever palyers need to adjust to others being given a chance against them
  4. Wondering why kit skills such as Grenade have no cooldown just a half second activation. This makes it able to continuously spam the skill which given its strength and ability to target players on siege is kinda a stupid decision Anet made in my opinion.
  5. "cuddle, cuddle, words of reason, words or persuasion, cuddle, cuddle." Seems you either roam alone miserable or join the WvW family. Not all guilds require the use of comms but all promote it.
  6. I agree with everyone, condi needs fixed. I am constantly running into players that just seem to shrug off condi and then you can't applyy even one condi. After that they end up one shot you. Clone spamming trash mes and thieves and scrappers are the worst. Hopefully EoD will deal with the boon bozo meta.
  7. I thought this was a Valhalla theme, we fight cause it's fun.
  8. Please consider adding Condi/Precision and Condi/Power Ascended foods. Thank you
  9. I wonder if making areas like doors in the side of hills or embankments where you can enter and stand in a little room safe from harm would help. No more afk in the open where you get ganked, you can go in there and cool off or just get away from a stalker. As far as cheats and exploits, ya they suck.
  10. So is this groups of players or just single? Oftentimes I doze off while playing and wake up running against a wall parsecs from where last I remember being. also when a player DCs they might run into things.
  11. Getting old and memory recall ability is kinda like a blue hen pushing a red wagon up a hill. I thought swiftness stacked duration past 60sec. is the 60 sec thing a nerf?
  12. Shattered Aegis? Not familiar with classes outside of necro but sounds like it might have been more op all the other op guard stuff.
  13. So what exactly caused the call to make scrounge choose a path, lose too many times to them? If one class must choose between support and damage then all classes must, like SB that cleanse and heal then lock u down and hammer you.
  14. I vote for Dolyak. I often zerg as a red dolyak so would be cool to ride one,
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