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  1. just pointing something out https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/843765643902844938/855146012660989968/unknown.png this minor trait is absolutly useless
  2. yea sop basically jsut more modern and not oldschool 2013 skill
  3. read again, i just made an example that gives more diversity or options
  4. aleap on mace 2 instead of a block or on mace 3
  5. its about the performance in general, there are a handful of easy adjustments to make a class feel completly new and also weay more balanced, jsut as an example, fast hands baseline speciality of warrior, now think about your isnane tool of builddiversity
  6. yea when u hit your burst, the major traitpicks are useless so far, only one i use is cleansing ire with a smile but can jsut get dodged, that emans no healing + no cleansing = bodydrop & respawn, gg
  7. should jsut get protection instead tbh
  8. guys, lets be real here for a second, i wrote to a friend this: and this is the true balance, anet needs to look into it and usually doesnt have to do much, literally just a bit more sustain on spellbreaker, here and there some icd adjustments and something against condi manace in terms of more resolution etc, and boom we got a warrior thats prob 5% better but the ceiling to be top 1% warrior player is lowered down to a liked level
  9. id do some things diffrent but i agree on most things, lets go lan deathrider #makewarriorgreatagain
  10. what a net isnt understanding is that condis are more ranged applicable then power damage, and there fore giving u -33% condi damage reduction does nothing because u can almost never avoid the application, with power i can just move a bit further away and negate all melee damage altogether. adding resolution to resistance inherited traits is a good start, will not fix the issue that condis will get you killed waaaaaay easier then powerdamage across the board in most situations even when u have resolution and protection.
  11. the reason warrior is bad and will still be are the 2 posters above
  12. is this even active still? im stuck in que, please help
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