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  1. Hello, They need money to pay the employee. More money -> Better employees quality of life. Don't you think?
  2. I also have a regular job. I just obtained skyscale october last year. It took me 2-3 months to complete all these achievements. It was not fun at that time but i did it slowly, so it won't bother my daily job. For me, If I feel were bored, I just stop playing for a while and come back whenever I want. It is just practical idea for player who has the job. I am doing legendary for 3 years, but it is only at tier 2 LOL Don't know why I have to grind that fast or rushing. ...And you can use your money to buy gem for nice skin if you want to.
  3. Their lack of communication is hindsight. The world had changed. There are woman I worry that even this EXP can't save the game at all.
  4. Now, I am craving for new 1600-2000 Mount Skin instead. At least it is possible than Anet give us EoD 's
  5. It looks rush for me tho., like we never really heard or see other interaction of Primidus.He is mostly semi-dormant at his home and let his minion do the job. May be he still alive after this LW.
  6. I think we have only 1 episode of lw:champion next month. Do we still have episode 6? and epilogue and then exp in August? (kind of the same period as PoF)
  7. This is endless discussion unless ANet clarify or give us some new info.
  8. The marketing strategy have changed every years, they can not keep doing the same. Oh c’mon. People needs hype these days.
  9. The pure forest , hidden castle in forest, hidden village in forest.
  10. It is not 100% me. but sometimes characters share some of my traits.I love kids and cute little things. so... when I play as asura or charr characters.. I usually hangout with asura prodigies or charr cubs.. lol
  11. I have 25 characters.... still... a lot of variety to choose , mix and match.
  12. Comparing to GW1, we are only able to access the top right part of the Istan isle. How about the rest. Is there any mentioned about other part of the area that I probably missed?I think the area is the important historical settlement. It shouldn't be scrubbed out from Tyria history.
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