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  1. This is just a dumb guess but why not remove the CD for the legend skills, with maybe a little higher consumption of the alliance utilities but not the weapon ones. The skill that allows you to dodge backwards is long to cast I think because it is supposed to allow you to back up quickly .I also feel like the specialization lacks a bit of power, a CC and swordfish is slow. I also feel that the specialization lacks a bit of power, one CC and the swordfish is slow. I got chained during a dodge jump and grappled while in the air only to end up in traps when I fell back so I guess it was c
  2. What also worries me is the care in elite to see in game what it gives but with the damage that we receive and as it was said and I also hope that the urn moves with us. For the jump or dodge I hope that it is not telescoped and that it is not so simple to avoid otherwise I would propose that we can choose to go down more quickly to be able to change the delay. I would like to know what happens when you are in the air. Do you take damage, buffs or alteration?
  3. I was rather enthusiastic at the beginning, now a little septic, I wait to test to really have my opinion on the skills. On the other hand, I am much more mixed about the lines and the F2...
  4. I know it had been nerfed but I didn't remember it 🙂
  5. Over and over again the same unresolved issue the premium remains unavailable.
  6. Sorry if everything is not understandable. A mechanic that could be used with ventari is like the example of scourge with sand, the revenant can heal around them in addition to the tablet but just for the healing nothing more "Natural harmony". Nothing that doubles it just to be able to do it in 2 places. The fact of moving the tablet gives an additional buff like a regeneration or another. Knowing that with the trait we can get vigor or put blindness (to have tested with this one, with the tablet I put blindness only to one target and not 5 as written .... ) And improved very s
  7. I agree, some skills should be overhauled for improvement, I'm not talking about nerfing, just an update to new specializations. Finally, I am mainly talking about elite specializations, at least perhaps that of the HoTs
  8. I know it's not necessarily easy to do, but an element to change the race of our characters without having to delete it or start over to keep his birthday. I don't know with conditions like being level 80 and completing the main story, although we have to do it again without the rewards.
  9. I don't know if this question has been asked, but if we have the legendary WvW armor what will happen if we make another one like the raid one for example? Will there be a way to get just the looks? If we craft it what can we do with the second one? Because I don't think we will be able to store 2 of them.
  10. I know it's not necessarily easy to do, but an item to change the race of our characters without having to delete it or start from the beginning to keep his birthday. I don't know with conditions like being 80 with finished the main story, even if we have to do it again without the rewards.
  11. I mean how was the resistance really a problem in PvP at least? The necro can transform them into alteration, ditto the mesmer who can remove them and is not especially complaining about his alteration gameplay, the thief is already very strong and a bit too much for my taste, the engineer has nothing to envy him. The hunter has the help of his farts which make him block a lot, the warrior can remove buffs with his bubble and also has immunity on alteration and the guardian has a lot of blockingand the elementalist between buffs and alteration and his various skills to not get hit.
  12. It's good to fix the bugs or existing problems would have been a major update, so let's hear it
  13. Before Herald can buff 10 people now 5, for hammer, he had skill 2 that went from him to the maximum now there is a small area that does not touch between the attack and the character, he apparently had the ability to play to heal in WvW even though it seems difficult, and he got the demon ... And soon his new special will also be very nerfed. Ha yes for the nerf even more in addition to its energy consumption he had added CD to some skills. For info or reminder The revenant can not choose his skill utility, heal and elite it depends on these legends. As it was alr
  14. Yes it would be a solution but no, because the player had the choice to move and take more damage or try to find another way out. Knowing that as said in the video, originally it was based on mobility and GW2 want dynamic. I don't think PvE really needed this change. In PvP I don't really see the opponent waiting nicely on the spot to take more damage. If really this is necessary for the expansion to do it before at the risk of destroying everything? I don't understand
  15. if it continues like that we will return to GW1 where we could not move to launch the skills maybe in the next extension... And then to be sure to come back to the same point maybe we will remove the jump to laugh a little
  16. why not also reverse the poison, those who are affected will receive 33% more care then? And the confusion more kittenmage to those who do not throw skills? Frankly since the beginning of the revenant he did nothing but take nerf...
  17. It is completely null because as said in the previous comments, the special alteration and completely destroyed for the necro scourge and especially the revenant with a huge nerf. Knowing that the game is dynamic, what should we do, just stay still in front of the mob so that it takes a lot of kittenmage? And if still except possibly the control that the revenant has it can not immobilized 20 min like the ranger. On the other hand we still buff the thief who as we all know are not at all mobile clkittenes. With the futivity it's already annoying because there is no way
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