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  1. You can get ascended rings, back, accessories, and amulet from living world season 3 maps very easily. You can make those celestial. You can also get celestial acended trinkets from the laurel vendor. For armor... I would farm verdant brink for bladed armor which you can make celestial. Weapons are going to cost you, but you can get an ascended weapon for your guardian by doing the knight of the thorn side quests post heart of thorns main story.
  2. It's still a top notch spec for 90% of open world content. I play sword Pistol Thief because I like it! And if I reeaaally want to beat up a champ mob I'll just swallow my vomit and throw on my condi specter build.
  3. Being able to immune damage 80% of the time is pretty kitten durable lol, but I think I know what you mean. In that case, mechanist and untamed are very durable due to having pets that hold aggro for you. I play Celestial mechanist and trailblazer untamed and nothing kills me.
  4. As strong? I don't think so. Mechanist and Ranger (soulbeast & untamed) both have very strong Solo Condition builds that can handle the toughest mobs in the game, but I don't think any of them can match the dps output of a condi mirage.
  5. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PagAYVlRkxuCbeltluWZnWySXNbA-zRZYBJmoSFg8nDKoUCrACMBiNE6NCUbZ6RA-e This is what I am using. I am a big fan of acrobatics ever since they nerfed IP, I don't see why I would take IP over no quarter as it currently is. Acro you get access to boon duration for your might, Quickness, and vigor. Acro also gives you easy perma swiftness, access to regen, incredible condition cleanse (removing weakness is huge for power builds), and you gain healing per initiative spent which is nice. I use sigil of celerity on almost all open world builds for mo
  6. I've been using this in the open world on sword/Pistol Thief due to the spammable stun. Unlike sigil of celerity, simply hitting with a disable isn't enough to proc it. The mob has to be 'casting' something which is kind of hard to discern and means the sigil usually won't have anywhere near 100% uptime on single target. I have no idea how much uptime I have on it, but it still seems pretty good. When it is up it's value is 17% crit damage and 12% crit.
  7. I disagree. They over nerf traits basically making them not an option at all to take, removing build diversity. Also, how long has support Firebrand been meta in group pve? And still is. Class balance in this game is actually kind of horrendous assuming you want to play a certain elite spec or even if you just want to play condition vs power of any given spec.
  8. A Celestial or trailblazer condition mechanist build is super tanky so I don't know what to recommend if you are already trying one of these builds. That's one of the tankiest open world builds there are.
  9. Usually when I die, it's because I made the poor decision to bite off more than I can chew. I'm not good at knowing when to take a step back and recover before re-entering the fray.
  10. I disagree with the OP. As someone who played wow for a long time, and also eso and gw2 from launch.. gw2 world is very immersive specifically because of the dynamic event system. No other game I have played has a system like dynamic events that works so smooth and allows random players to come together and feel connected. It makes the world feel alive when spontaneous things happen, unlike the world in most games where nothing ever changes except maybe NPCs walking around. Maybe if what you enjoy doing the most is sitting in a pub talking then I can kind of see your point...
  11. Scrapper has been beaten with the nerf bat recently but I think its still the best hammer spec. To be honest though I've never played revenant or guardian hammer. I think catalyst might be at the top as well though, at least for open world its better than scrapper.
  12. Who cares how many mastery points someone has? All that it indicates is how much time someone has dedicated to grinding those masteries. I don't think I have ever even looked twice at anyone's mastery #. I had like 78 mastery points when I was soloing legendary desert bounties, and I'm sure there are plenty of raiders or pvpers at the top of the hierarchy that couldn't care less about mastery points either.
  13. Power builds tend to handle wiping out trash packs faster, while condition builds are much better for handling boss mobs or elite mobs and champions. It sounds to me like you are looking for a build that has high burst to just kill things fast so maybe you want a power build? I think you should try necromancer. Reaper is top tier at cleaving down packs of mobs, and can handle elites just fine. Scourge will be better at soloing champions but Reaper is one of the best power builds for that too. As far as just overall great Solo specs go... scourge, condi willbender,
  14. Thief can deal with normal mobs fine thanks to blinds, but the real challenge is when you encounter champions and break bar enemies that you can't blind. You are left with evades and sustain, and Thief has very poor sustain. That's why the only Thief builds that are really good at killing champions are condition builds like deadeye Pistol Dagger or condition spectre.
  15. Agreed. Scrapper having the worst damage and also the worst sustain makes no sense and really shows how lazy the class balancing is in this game, the impact Savant nerf should have been packaged with some form of compensation.
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