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  1. I play a power trapper untamed build with decent success using heal & spike trap. Its fun, but not extremely competitive. You can def play it in plat games, but i wouldnt advise using it against meta stacked comps.
  2. They really arent though. The plat 1 team that rofl stomps all of the gold & silver kids get roflstomped by the p2+ players in the finals. Most AT games are snoozefests.
  3. Tempest has way more anti projectiles than just mag aura from focus 4. Lol
  4. Tempest is pretty much meta at this point since it counters harb so hard. If your opponents have 1 projectile based spec + a harb, teamfights are guarenteed wins with temp.
  5. So i play both condi and power, but i would reccomend condi atm as i believe it performs better. You should be going a tankier setup right now with either death magic and carrion, or my personal favorite blood magic with rabid + undead runes(death magic is probably better). Curses is pretty standard as well with most harb specs. As far as gameplay, harbinger brings great utility to team comps and should be played as kind of a psuedo support. Corrupting boons, peeling teammates, zone denial, providing quickness to allies, and stomps/resses are things you should be looking to do(along with
  6. That's not necessarily true in sPvP as the expertise from traveler runes can be valuable on certain builds
  7. Pretty much you stay in player unleashed most of the time. You pop into pet unleashed for a quick pet ability spam, then immediately swap back to player unleashed for your ambush skill. You want to be using ambush skills as often as you can as they are extremely good. This is how you should be using it in pvp. There is a little more nuance to it with timing you projectile denial and using personal damage reduction during pet unleashed. However for the most part, you quickly pop in and out for that ambush skill.
  8. Your best bet is to identify any condi builds on the other team and straight up avoid them. Fight where they aren't at. Either that or class swap when you see a spec that counters you.
  9. Power harb still seems pretty good. 100-0 memeing people will rarely happen now though. Axe buffs are pretty solid.
  10. There were two specters on every team in the monthly tourney aswell.
  11. You really just said specter is weak to condi when hungering darkness is the most overtuned trait in the game 😂
  12. I personall don't mind it, especially now that self untamed visuals don't last. I do see where you are coming from though. The green/mud aesthetic isn't appealing to some. I think it would have made much more sense if it was more of a red/energy aesthetic. Maybe even somewhat prismatic.
  13. I really don't understand all of the untamed hate. It's one of the most fun specs in the entire game. The increased pet control gives so much fluidity to the spec that ranger has been missing these last 10 years. The only thing that i can think of really is it's skill cap. It is just flat out much harder to play than most ranger specs, but that's what makes it a blast to play. 10/10 spec for me and definitely my fav from EoD.
  14. Soulbeast is fine everyone. Anet plz no nerf
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