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  1. Thank you for the hints all of you. I will try Shiverpeaks then.
  2. I don't really know where to put this thread, but maybe here is okay. I did the whole cooking collection to get to 500 cooking. Everything worked out fine. My problem is that for about a week, I can't get varietal peppercorn to drop. Everything else does. Mint, cilantro, sesame and clove. But no peppercorns. I know it can just be tough luck but for such a long time it seemed weird to me. Does anybody else get varietal peppercorns?
  3. I fully support that proposal. Please give us an option to turn the effects of the trinkets off!
  4. The event "Clear out the remaining White Mantle forces around Noran's Homestead" is not progressing. As I have read today, for days now. I am working on Aurora at the moment and can't get to the part where you have to kill Siegemaster Immelhoof because the event is bugged.
  5. Looks like the Moderators don't want us talking about it in Guild Wars 2 Discussion and moved the thread to Living World, away from attention. 🙈🙉🙊
  6. Dragonstorm is too standard. Nothing compared to Dragons Stand and Dragonfall (which came with their own maps, not just an instance). The fights against Mordremoth and Kralkatorrik were epic in scope. Dragonstorm is just fighting Braham and Ryland for a bit and then booping each dragon on the nose until they attack each other.
  7. I would like an apology too, but it would probably consist of a lot of corporate speech and covid excuses.
  8. To start out with, I know that halfway through IBS development the focus shifted towards End of Dragons and development of the saga was cut short. This still doesn't justify butchering the storyline like that. I have never played a more rushed, underwhelming and disappointing story conclusion in my many years playing MMO's. We kill off 2 (!) Elder Dragons in 20 minutes in an absolutely foregettable instance. How this all goes down during the instance is just jawdropping, in a bad way. I understand you want to bring the Elder Dragon threat to a near conclusion so you can finish it of
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